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Shesha Ayurveda Neelibringadi Hair Oil Review

Hair oil has been a staple product in most of the Indian household. No doubt Indians have the beautiful hair. When I came to Hyderabad after marriage, I was awestruck looking at the hair of the people here. Jet black, thick, shiny and so healthy. When I started blogging, I appreciate my South Indian bloggers hair too and one among was the sweet Renji who now owns the Shesha brand. I know I had to try the oil sold by her and here is my review on Shesha Ayurveda Neelibringadi Hair Oil*.

Price- ₹550 for 100ml BUY ONLINE

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The hair oil comes in a dark brown plastic bottle with a golden screw top lid. It also comes in glass bottle so you need to choose whether you want plastic or glass bottle. I have both and the only difference one is easy to carry and the other one holds the properties of the natural ingredients intact. There is an inner lid that prevents the oil from leakage or spillage. I had made a hole using a sharp object to avoid opening the lid again and again. The bottle actually comes sealed to ensure we are getting new and unused product.

The hair oil contains indigo, bhringraj, virgin coconut oil, amla, coconut milk, camphor and many more ingredients that strengthen the roots of hair and make them strong. The consistency of the hair oil is very good. It is neither very thick nor very thin! I use this 3 hours before washing my hair. I found the scent of the hair oil very nice and calming. 

I used Shesha Ayurveda Neelibringadi Hair Oil for a month but it didn’t suit me. It made my hair super soft, shiny and less frizzy but i had hair fall each time I use which I normally don’t face using other hair oils. I didn’t change any other hair products so yes this was the main cause. So as usual I passed it to my cousin and she tested it for me. Believe me, she has become a fan of this hair oil. She has curly, dry but manageable hair. She use it twice a week and she loved how soft, silky and healthy her hair has become. It did not cause any hair fall to her so I believe there is one or more ingredient that did not suit my hair. She did not use conditioner post wash.

This hair oil also made my hair dark that I totally loved. But you need to apply it regularly. It is 100% natural and does not contain essential oils.


  • Comes in plastic and glass bottle so you can choose according to your requirements.
  • Calming fragrance.
  • Good consistency. 
  • Not a heavy hair oil.
  • Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny.
  • Makes my hair dark.
  • Contains very good ingredients that you need for healthy hair.
  • Made in India.


  • Pricey.
  • Did not suit me but my cousin absolutely loved it.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall Shesha Ayurveda Neelibringadi Hair Oil is the answer to all your hair woes. It makes hair healthy and strong. If you have dry and frizzy hair then you must really try it out. Natural products are always the best.

My Tips- 

  1. Hair oil alone will not do wonders for your hair. You need to take healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. If any product did not suit you, please give to your friend or family. Do just throw it! 

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Have you tried any product from Shesha Ayurveda? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


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