Friday, February 3, 2023

Does a Good Sleep Matter for Healthy Skin?

When you maintain a proper skincare routine and take careful care of every tiny detail, maintaining healthy-looking skin is simple. A healthy sleep schedule is an intriguing factor that can potentially help you avoid the effects of ageing. Without a doubt, the mechanism underlying sleep remains a mystery. But it's well recognized that sleep is necessary for the body to function correctly. In addition, the skin repairs itself during the night. The premature ageing symptom is just one of the serious issues that the sleeping habit can cause. Therefore, it is essential to routinely get enough sleep. In addition, you might think about ordering organic skin care items online. Starting with natural solutions will provide you many advantages because there won't be any chance of allergy or irritant reaction, and your skin will remain healthy.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel Review

Just Herbs is one such Indian brands that I really trust and have used many of their products (most of them I had loved and repurchased!). Recently I tried their under eye gel that I really loved as it has both the factors that i want in my eye gel- 1. Lightweight 2. Nourishes eye area really well. After trying it for 2 months, here is my honest review on Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel!

Price- Rs 495 for 20g BUY ONLINE I bought mine from Amazon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Benefits of Neem Leaf Powder ft. Stamio

Neem leaf powder is a boon for acne prone skin. I still remember how my mom used to make a powder out of dried neem leaves and I used to add it in my besan face pack (if it accidently goes in your mouth ew...). It's been a while I used neem leaf powder and when i got Stamio Neem Leaf Powder*, I got nostalgic. It remembered me of my home version neem leaf powder but a better one!  After shifting to Bangalore, my skin has gone on a toss and the only thing that works to take care of my skin internally and externally! I had used Stamio Neem Leaf Powder for at least 2 months and here is my review on it!

Price- Rs 267 for 100g BUY ONLINE currently on discount

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The best makeup remover ever- Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Ever since I started using micellar water, I literally did not look for any other makeup remover. Cleansing your skin is important as applying skincare and removing makeup has become the most important step for me since I became a blogger. Removing makeup completely really does make a difference to your skin especially when you have problematic skin like mine! After finishing Bioderma Micellar Water (my highly favorite one! I don't remember how many bottles I have bought!), I wanted to try something new and saw Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It comes in pink and yellow bottles and i bought the pink one. I have bee using it since 2 months and here is my honest opinion on it!

Price- Rs 199 for 125ml BUY ONLINE

I bought mine from Big Basket!

Monday, December 19, 2022

T.A.C The Ayurveda Co. Liquid Lipsticks

Happy Friday MBT friends!

This week passed in a jiff and whoa New Year is just around the corner! These days i am more into lip makeup than face. I feel a lipstick does 70% of makeup and you just need to cover up flaws and define your eyes a little bit for a presentable look. Recently I came across a new brand T.A.C The Ayurveda Co. that is founded by a girl Shreedha who herself suffered from a skin allergy and treated herself with the Ayurveda. As a blogger, I believe in Ayurveda and with consistency and discipline I believe you can treat any disease! When I was being asked to try their products, I could not stop myself from trying their makeup line and I opted for liquid lipsticks* and T.A.C Beetroot Lip Butter*.

Price- Rs 599 for 5ml BUY ONLINE (Currently on 30% off)

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