Saturday, September 24, 2022

How Vitamin C Can Help In Fixing Your Facial Skin Problems?

Another day, another story of wrinkles making you feel sad. Have you seen the pictures of ladies with youthful skin and no wrinkles or marks? We know secretly you wish to achieve the same skin goals. Well, guess what? We have got you covered. Giving exposure to vitamin c to your skin can be a powerful solution. A proper application of vitamin c cream on your face daily can be the best skin care ingredient to smooth wrinkles and reduce scars.


Vitamin C can help in the production of collagen as you age which helps in protecting the precious protein from damage, plumps the skin, and makes it firm. The regular application of vitamin C cream on your skin can help in  curing wrinkles and gives you slight relief from an early ageing, by leaving glowing skin behind. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Top Benefits of Onion for Hair

Many people dream of having hair that looks gorgeous. However, frequent styling, environmental pollution, and other reasons might cause people to have serious concerns that can result in hair loss, thinning, dandruff dullness, etc. It's crucial to know which substances will perform well for hair and deliver excellent outcomes to combat the issue. There is no doubt that some of the items on the market may include chemicals that cause serious issues. Therefore, it is preferable to get natural skincare and hair care products for regular use.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bombay Shaving Company Face Razor for Women Review

I have bee using face razors since covid and it has been the best thing ever. I had tried many brands including tinkle and honestly I found them all good. Recently while browsing Amazon, I was unable to find Tinkle and found Bombay Shaving Company Face Razor for Women and I ordered it :) Before starting the review, let me tell you face razors needs patience and practice and if you are an impatient girl, then please skip this as it might not be for you.

Price- Rs 450 for 3 razors BUY ONLINE currently on 60% discount if you are planning to buy it

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

How to use Licorice Powder for skin? ft Stamio Mulethi Powder

If you have been following my blog, you would know i had reviewed few products from the brand Stamio and loved how effective they are. I had tried their hair care products and herbal powders and i am absolutely love using them in my hair packs. With the hard water in Bangalore, the only thing that helps me in reducing hair fall and keeping skin clear is proper hair and skin care. Recently I tried Stamio Mulethi (Licorice) Powder* for my face and was impressed with the results. Mulethi is also called yashtimadhu or liquorice and has antioxidants and antibiotic properties that prevents skin from inflammation and other skin issues!

Price- Rs 297 for 100g BUY ONLINE

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Does Gua Sha work? Best Gua Sha in India

It is raining in Bangalore and with such weather I feel really lazy to update the blog but now i want to be really regular on my blog as I have lots of products to show you. 

As we all know gua sha is trending everywhere on Internet and yes I too jumped into the bandwagon and after trying for 2 months, here I am with my review on it. Gua Sha is a skin care tool that really made a difference to my skin. Not only I feel good every time I use it but it gives such a beautiful, visible glow to the skin. 

Price- Rs 525 I bought i from a reiki teacher online and believe me the quality is the best and it is original! Here is whatsapp no 9051209619

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