Thursday, January 12, 2023

Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel Review

Just Herbs is one such Indian brands that I really trust and have used many of their products (most of them I had loved and repurchased!). Recently I tried their under eye gel that I really loved as it has both the factors that i want in my eye gel- 1. Lightweight 2. Nourishes eye area really well. After trying it for 2 months, here is my honest review on Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel!

Price- Rs 495 for 20g BUY ONLINE I bought mine from Amazon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Benefits of Neem Leaf Powder ft. Stamio

Neem leaf powder is a boon for acne prone skin. I still remember how my mom used to make a powder out of dried neem leaves and I used to add it in my besan face pack (if it accidently goes in your mouth ew...). It's been a while I used neem leaf powder and when i got Stamio Neem Leaf Powder*, I got nostalgic. It remembered me of my home version neem leaf powder but a better one!  After shifting to Bangalore, my skin has gone on a toss and the only thing that works to take care of my skin internally and externally! I had used Stamio Neem Leaf Powder for at least 2 months and here is my review on it!

Price- Rs 267 for 100g BUY ONLINE currently on discount

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The best makeup remover ever- Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Ever since I started using micellar water, I literally did not look for any other makeup remover. Cleansing your skin is important as applying skincare and removing makeup has become the most important step for me since I became a blogger. Removing makeup completely really does make a difference to your skin especially when you have problematic skin like mine! After finishing Bioderma Micellar Water (my highly favorite one! I don't remember how many bottles I have bought!), I wanted to try something new and saw Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It comes in pink and yellow bottles and i bought the pink one. I have bee using it since 2 months and here is my honest opinion on it!

Price- Rs 199 for 125ml BUY ONLINE

I bought mine from Big Basket!

Monday, December 19, 2022

T.A.C The Ayurveda Co. Liquid Lipsticks

Happy Friday MBT friends!

This week passed in a jiff and whoa New Year is just around the corner! These days i am more into lip makeup than face. I feel a lipstick does 70% of makeup and you just need to cover up flaws and define your eyes a little bit for a presentable look. Recently I came across a new brand T.A.C The Ayurveda Co. that is founded by a girl Shreedha who herself suffered from a skin allergy and treated herself with the Ayurveda. As a blogger, I believe in Ayurveda and with consistency and discipline I believe you can treat any disease! When I was being asked to try their products, I could not stop myself from trying their makeup line and I opted for liquid lipsticks* and T.A.C Beetroot Lip Butter*.

Price- Rs 599 for 5ml BUY ONLINE (Currently on 30% off)

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Sadhev Rose Water Review

 If you ask me which brand is best for rose water, I would say I do not stick to one (being a blogger) but I do have my heart on many rose waters I have tried earlier. You can just type rose water in the search bar of my blog and go through the reviews. I had liked many brands for rose water and they did amazing job on my skin. Rose water has always been a staple product in my skincare regime since long. I use it as a toner and for making face masks! I had tried few products from Sadhev and I absolutely loved their Natural Lip Balm (Must try!). Today I am going to review Sadhev Rose Water*. Sadhev is an Indian Luxury Ayurveda brand that blends the science of wellness with the art of Ayurveda. 

Price- Rs 895 for 150ml BUY ONLINE

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