Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Shesha Naturals Lakshadi Thailam Review

I have been using Shesha products for quite a white and I must say I trust this brand blindly. Their products are so good and 100% natural. Few of the products that are my favorite from this brand are extra virgin coconut oil and Nalpamaradi oil. I am currently using Shesha Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for oil pulling and totally loving the results. Today I am going to review the newly launched Shesha Lakshadi Thailam* which is an authentic Ayurvedic baby massage oil.

Price- ₹599 for 200ml

The packaging of lakshadi oil is same as that of coconut and nalpamradi oil. It is clear with golden lid! I loved the simple packaging of the oil as it is easy to use without creating a mess! There is an inner lid that protects the oil from spillage! I have made a small hole in the inner lid to use the oil conveniently. All the information is printed at the back! The lid is quite tight and it is not travel friendly as I had faced leakage while traveling with it.

The oil is light brown in Color with authentic Ayurvedic fragrance. The consistency of the oil is neither very thick nor very thin. It gets absorbed quickly and makes skin soft and moisturized. Though it is recommended to leave the oil on baby’s skin for 20-30 minutes but I give her bath immediately. The oil washes off quickly and does not leave greasy feeling behind. I loved how soft, healthy and glowing Anaaya’s skin look. It’s been a month since I have been using Lakshadi Oil and Anaaya has not faced any dryness issues in this chilly weather. It is made of sesame oil and various other ayurvedic plants and herbs.

Lakshadi Thailam is a very popular baby massage oil in Kerala though it can be used by anyone who’s suffering from dry skin (this is what I was told by an employee at govt approved plantation site.

  • 100% natural.
  • Keeps baby’s skin so soft, healthy and glowing.
  • Perfect for all seasons.
  • The fragrance is Ayurvedic kind of but not weird.
  • Rinses off quickly.
  • No residue.
  • Completely safe for new born.
  • Reasonably priced for the quantity.
  • Proudly made in India!

  • The packaging is not travel friendly.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I really loved how Shesha Naturals Lakshadi Thailam keeps Anaaya’s skin soft and nourished throughout the winter season. Last year there were few rashes on her face due to winters but this time her skin is so healthy and glowing. I would highly recommend it to all mommies.

My Tips:
  • I use this oil before bath.
  • I no longer do massage for my toddler as she is 2. I just apply it all over her body and rinse it away with warm water.

Have you tried anything from Shesha Naturals?

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