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Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review + Giveaway

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
I have always supported Indian brands and I am so happy that Shesha Naturals is expanding and providing us natural products that are much needed especially when you are pregnant! I had reviewed a few of their products on my blog. If you have not read, check them out here:

Today I am going to review their new launch Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil costs Rs 275 for 200ml! BUY ONLINE

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
The packaging of the coconut oil is clear with golden lid! I loved the simple packaging of the oil as it is easy to use without creating a mess! There is an inner lid that protects the oil from spillage! I have removed the inner lid to use the oil directly! All the information is printed at the back!

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
The coconut oil is clear with pure coconut fragrance! It is extra virgin coconut oil that is cold processed and not heated! I love the hair of people in Kerala and let me tell you it is made in Kerala so I am assured that I am getting pure coconut oil! I have used few hair products from Kerala and loved them!

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is pure and can be used as edible oil! It can be used as baby oil massage (I shall be definitely use it for my baby post delivery!), hair, scalp and body massage and for oil pulling and gum massage! It can also be used as a makeup remover if you use coconut oil! It is the purest coconut oil I have tried!

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
I use Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for my hair and for massaging my baby bump to avoid stretch marks! For hair, I simply mix it with Soulflower Pure Castor Oil and apply it on my hair and scalp! Coconut oil has always caused hair fall to me but surprisingly, this extra virgin coconut oil has suited my hair to the core! My hair feels soft, smooth and shiny post wash and there are no dry ends! I have not faced hair fall or dandruff since the time I am using it. For baby bump massage, I simply massage an adequate amount of oil on my tummy post shower and it keeps my skin hydrated the whole day! I apply it only once a day and have never felt the need to reapply it! I do not use it on my face as coconut oil is comedogenic and might break acne-prone skin!

- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!
- 100% pure!
- Can be used for baby oil massage!
- Can be used for body massage, hair massage and as a makeup remover!
- Reasonably priced!
- Extracted from fresh coconut milk!
- Certified cold processed extra virgin coconut oil!
- Travel friendly packaging!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very happy with Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I am already planning to repurchase it for baby oil massage! It is 100% pure and not heated! I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Shesha Naturals was kind enough to giveaway 1 of their Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to one of my readers and one of her friends each! Thank you Shesha Naturals! Head over to my Instagram account and follow the rules and win a bottle of Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for you and your friend! Open to India only! 

Do you prefer extra virgin coconut oil?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Wow
    Done steps
    And tagged my 3 friends
    Instagram and fb post
    Wish 2 win this useful oil

  2. Extra virgin oil ke bahut sarey benifit hain 👍👍 thanks for sharing n giveaway too 🤞🤞

  3. Wonderful review..... Loved the detailed review. This is an edible oil too. Also, ' Absolutely no heat is involved in the making which makes it India's best VCO available. And, about applying on face. It's completely safe to apply on face. We all have lots of toxins stored underneath our skin. When applied initially, it might give you break outs. this is becz coconut oil draw the toxins up to the surface of your skin and cause a breakout of whiteheads. Some of your pimples may grow larger as a result too due to the gush of toxins adding onto the soft plugs that block the pores.

    So, no need to definitely freak seeing the breakouts which is the detox from coconut oil starts taking place. At this point, you should stay calm and understand that coconut oil is helping you to cleanse your skin of toxins for an effective acne treatment. On continuous application, It takes away all acne and make your skin clear.

    1. Really? I need to try it on my face then! my acne are like nodules so always scared to use coconut oil on face!

  4. Wow very good review, you have told us about the benefits in very simple and effective language, would love to use it

  5. Nice review,.. Thank you,.. I have never used extra virgin coconut oil, so super excited about the giveaway,..

  6. This product looks amazing, I am very familiar with the benefits of the coconut oil and this 100% natural and biologic oil seems fantastic!
    Goodluck to all your readers that compete for this giveaway!
    Wish you a fantastic day!

    1. Yes Flo its the first time i had tried extra virgin coconut oil and the results are so obvious!

  7. Nice review Megha.. Virgin coconut oil can also be used to brighten teeth.

    1. Thanx Sowmya! Wow I never knew it! Thanx for sharing :)

  8. This is so useful
    Can use in multiple way with no harm
    Really nice and a must try product

    Hope i win

  9. I would love using this one for my hair

  10. Coconut oil can do wonders to skin and hair


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