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Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo & Deva Thali Soap Review+ Giveaway Winner

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo & Deva Thali Soap Review
I had reviewed a few products of the new Kerala based brand- Ashtapathy! You can read my reviews on Deva Thali Shampoo and Mud & Olive Soaps. I loved their soaps. They are so mild yet effective on the skin! Today I am going to review Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo that I have been using for the last 2 weeks! It is sulphate and paraben free!

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo costs Rs 125 for 100g and Ashtapathy Dev Thali Soap costs Rs 70 for 100g! BUY ONLINE HERE or HERE!

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo & Deva Thali Soap Review
I have been using Ashtapathy Mud SHampoo for the last few weeks and it has become my favorite ever since! The mud shampoo comes in a shiny brown packaging with all the information printed on the back! It has a flip top lid so it is very easy to use when you are in the shower! The flip top lid also makes it travel friendly! The fragrance of the shampoo is mild and pleasant and reminds me of Himalaya Herbals shampoo!

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo & Deva Thali Soap Review
The shampoo has a gel like formula and lathers nicely! I usually dilute it with water and it cleanses my scalp and hair very nicely! Even if I apply oil on my hair, this shampoo does its job of cleansing really well! It is not harsh on the hair and makes them clean and shiny! It contains fuller's earth that removes all dirt and oil off the scalp and Aloe Vera that keeps hair soft and moisturized!

Swatch of Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo 
My hair feels nice and light after using this shampoo! Like other shampoos, a conditioner is necessary to treat the dry ends! My hair feels more voluminous and manageable! As it is sulphate and paraben free, it can be used daily (though I never recommend you to wash your hair everyday!). It also helps in removing dandruff and split ends! Currently I am not suffering from dandruff so can't share on my thoughts regarding that but it does not help in treating split ends! I feel no shampoo can treat your split ends! 

Ashtapathy Deva Thali Soap
I also have Ashtapathy Deva Thali Soap that can be used on hair and skin! I do not use soaps on my hair. I wanted to use it as my bathing soap but my cousin wanted to try it so I gifted it to her! It contains betel leaves that keeps your hair clean and moisturized! It also removes dandruff and gives shine to your hair! It is enriched with 100% pure coconut oil!

- Sulphate and paraben free!
- Nice scent!
- Gentle on hair!
- Does not dry out or damage your hair!
- Gives a bit of shine to the hair!
- Mild enough to use everyday!
- Makes hair look voluminous!
- Reasonably priced!
- Proudly made in India!

- Might be a bit drying for people with very dry and frizzy hair!

Overall Thoughts:
Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo is a sulphate and paraben free shampoo that is very mild to your hair and makes the hair clean and shiny! It does not weigh down or dry out my hair! I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out!

My Tips:
- Follow it up with a conditioner of your choice!
- Always dilute the shampoo to reduce its chemical impact on hair and this way it spreads easily onto your hair!

Have you tried anything from Ashtapathy? What did you like the most?

The winner of my last giveaway is Ghazala Naseem! Congrats sweety! Please reply to my email ASAP! Thank you so much everyone for your participation. More giveaways are lined up! Stay tuned! 

Stay pretty & Lots of 💓!


  1. Thanks Dear , Sending You my details :-)

  2. Well written, detailed review. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't dishearten. More giveaways are coming soon!

  4. Nice review,.. Everytime I forget to order the Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo,.. tomorrow I should order...

    1. I loved both mud shampoo and mud soap! Do let me know your thoughts when you try it!

  5. I think that this one won't suit me

    1. then you can try their other variant deva thali shampoo!

  6. I need to about this product either it works or not


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