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New Lakme 9to5 Primer+Matte Powder Foundation Review

New Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation Review
I am a huge, huge fan of powder foundations. They not only make your skin look matte and natural and feel very light on the skin. If you have oily skin then you must try powder foundation once! I have been using NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation for a long time and it has become my favorite! I was super happy when I got to know that Lakme has launched new powder foundation with in built primer in its 9to5 range! 

Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation costs Rs 600 for 9g! BUY ONLINE

New Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation Review
Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation comes with 3 benefits of primer, foundation and powder! It is a multitasking product that conceals fine lines, gives an even coverage and leaves a long lasting matte finish!

New Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation Review
The packaging of the powder foundation is rose gold in color with a mirror finish on the lid! I wish they had given the same finish to the base as well instead of plastic! It comes with 2 compartments and a mirror! The first compartment holds the powder foundation and the second compartment with an applicator! The applicator compartment has holes that allow it to remain bacteria free!

I have 3 shades!
The powder foundation comes with 6 shades- natural light, ivory cream, natural almond, silky golden, rose silk and honey dew! I have the shades ivory cream, silky rose and honey dew! Ivory cream is perfect for my skin tone and looks absolutely natural on my fair skin tone! 

The sponge or applicator!
I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply this powder foundation! I simply swirl it lightly over the powder foundation and apply it onto my skin! The texture of the powder foundation is very soft and starts spreading as I swirl the brush on it! It gets a bit messy but I really don't mind if the product delivers such fantastic results!

The powder foundation blends seamlessly into the skin and I do not feel I have makeup on my face! It makes skin look natural yet flawless! It hides the pores and minor blemishes yet makes my skin look "my skin"! It can be layered for better coverage without looking cake-y. It works for all skin types except for very dry skin! If you have very dry skin, make sure you moisturize and exfoliate your skin really well! It does not give white cast if you choose the right shade!

- Rose gold packaging!
- Soft, smooth and creamy texture!
- Lightweight! Great for everyday wear!
- Blends seamlessly into the skin.
- Can be layered for added coverage.
- Works like a charm on oily, combination skin like mine!
- No white cast!
- Stays put on my oily, combination for the whole day!
- 6 shades to choose from!

- Coverage may not be enough if you have extreme redness or huge pimples!
- Might flake very dry skin!
- Creates mess when you swirl the brush over it! The texture is very soft! 

Overall Thoughts:
Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation is a great product for anyone looking for easy to use everyday makeup! It is lightweight and does not feel heavy on the skin! It gives added coverage and gives of the benefits of primer, foundation and powder! I would happily recommend it to everyone!

My Tips:
- For better coverage, use foundation first and then use this powder foundation as setting powder!
- Always wash the sponge after use!

Would you try Lakme 9to5 Powder+Matte Powder Foundation?

Stay pretty & Lots of Love!


  1. Wow this sounds amazing. Gotta try this. Well reviewed

  2. everything abt this sounds perfect !
    Imgine 6 shades ! - Honey Dew shade is a match for me

    1. Even i did not expect such a good result from Lakme! It has become my fav product!

  3. Wow this sounds great and Luring. its been quite long since i have used powder foundations since BB creams have been delivering the desired look for me but after reading your review i think i should go grab my match...thanks

    1. Powder foundations are great for those who want light yet good coverage makeup! I just love these kind of foundations!

  4. Sounds good Megha, though I'm not a fan of Lakme products but these sound really nice :)

    1. The new launches are really good rakhshu! You should try them!

  5. Love the packaging is so chic! I don't have great problems like severe redness or pimples so I think this product could be great for me.
    Wish you a perfect day!

    1. its great for medium coverage flo! I wish you could come to India and try few Lakme products!


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