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Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder Review

It's a long pending post as I got this product long back but totally forgot to review it! If you remember, I reviewed Sathyam Aqua Rose Premium Water and Sathyam Rose Petal Powder long back from Click on Care. Let me tell you first that this brand is no more available on their website anymore! You can check out on Google and it's available online or just email to me and I will sned you the link! Today I am going to review Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder.

kasturi turmeric powder online
Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder

Price- Rs 38 for 50g 

I literally do not know what was the quantity I got because I already used it long back! I know it is quite a cheap product but as you all know I love to promote Indian brands! Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder comes in a plastic packet with all the information written over it! If you are very concerned about the ingredients then you will be disappointed as it does not give detailed list of ingredients! In my case I am not all concerned as my body skin is of normal type! The powder is actually a mix of various herbal powders along with kasturi turmeric powder!

kasturi turmeric powder hair removal
The only  thing that I can understand! I think everyhting else is written in Tamil!

I usually used it on its own or mixed it with besan! I find using it with besan gives more visible results. I simply mix besan, Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder and rose water and scrub it gently all over my wet body. It feels smooth and nice and does not feel gritty! I would not say it does miracles to my skin but yes it does remove dead skin cells with regular usage! It can be used on both women and baby but I literally do not use these kind of powders on my baby! The fragrance is herbal kind of and this powder is 100% natural and completely safe to use!

If you know kasturi turmeric powder is widely used in South India!

- 100% natural.
- A gentle body scrub to remove dead skin cells!
- Makes skin look healthy!
- Does not dry out the skin!
- Reasonably priced!
- Comes in various sizes!

- Does not give cooling effect!
- Does not lighten my skin but I do not have tanned skin so may be it was not visible to me!

Overall Thoughts:
If you love trying 100% pure and natural products then I would definitely recommend it to try this Sathyam Kasthuri Manjal Powder. It is gentle and removes dead skin cells effectively! It is mixed with various herbal ingredients that makes skin healthy in long run!

My Tips:
- Use it with besan and rose water to get the utmost results!
- Do not use it on your face as the ingredients list is not mentioned!
- Transfer the powder in a container so it would not get spoiled!

Have you tried kasturi turmeric powder?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Kasturi haldi to skin per use kiya , besan n other ingredients k sath per aisa koi packet wala kabhi use nahi kiya

  2. This looks like a good average product both for the baby and the mom. I am sure many will give it a try. :)

    Utpal Khot

  3. An all natural product at such an amazing price is simply incredible. Judging by your article the product is awesome too.

  4. Never heard of this brand, though it look great nd affordable option, good option for kids and mom

    1. even i was new to this brand but yes their products are quite effective!

  5. I have never tried any of these before but it looks like a good choice with natural ingredients that would work well on Indian skin!

  6. I like how it's natural and good. Results show up a lot later if you have pigmentations and tanning so maybe this product might give you the results after a while.

    1. i dont have pigmentation or tanning so that might be the reason i didnt see visible differences!

  7. A scrub takes time to show effects that are visible on the skin. I would like to try this as it has good ingredients.

    1. I have been using it for a month but yeah may be i dont have tanning so wasnt able to find any difference!


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