Monday, March 4, 2013

My Second Blog Award ‘The Creative Blog Award’!!!

Yeah I have been nominated with The Creative Blogger Award. I still remember when one of my professors asked me difference between Glossary and Index. I replied in one line but he wanted a creative (rather say lengthy. Reminds me of Chatur *winks*) answer and gave me a long lecture. He might be wrong but my dear and sweet blogger Bushra from Confessions of a Stilletomaniac (I am really impressed with her blog name!) can never be. She nominated me with The Creative Blogger Award. Thank you so much Bush for thinking me worth of such title. It means a lot to a newbie like me. Guys you should definitely check her blog. She is an amazing writer and a sweet heart too.

Now coming to the rules:
     ·       Thank the blogger and link back to the blog.
     ·       Tell three things about yourself.
     ·       Tell two things people don’t know about you.
     ·       Tell one thing you want to change about yourself.
     ·       Answer the questions asked by the tagger.
     ·       Nominate this award to the deserving blogs.
     ·       Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
     ·       Inform the bloggers about their award.

Three things about myself:
     ·       I love reading, shopping and talking to my friends and family.
     ·       I love black cars.
     ·       I was awarded with a gold medal (I know I am going crazy over it!).

Two things people don’t know about me:
     ·       I am scared of strangers who stare at me.
     ·       I am very emotional person.

One thing I want to change about myself:
     ·       I really want to change my sleeping schedule but always ended up reading an interesting book.

My answers to Bushra’s questions are:

     1.     An incident in your life that you describe as unforgettable!
Ummm….once I bunked my class and was hiding on a staircase which was rarely used by anyone. I felt something soft on my hands and saw a big CHAMELEON. I got so afraid but luckily couldn't shout due to the fear of being caught by professors.
     2.    When your blog was just a new born baby, what is the craziest thing you did to increase your followers?
It is only two months old. I am yet to do something crazy.

     3.    What are the three things that make you smile and the three things that put you off?
My loved ones, my pet and my makeup stash make me smile.
Tea’s smell, body odour and arrogant people put me off.

     4.    If you were granted one wish to wish for anything what would you wish for?
I would like to live with my loved ones in a house full of makeup trees.

     5.    If you were famous, what would it be for?
For my worst dancing. LOL. Don’t worry I don’t dance.

I would like to give this award to (It’s so difficult as all bloggers are creative in their own way!):
     ·       Rajani from Life is Crazy
     ·       Niesha from Indian Beauty Forever
     ·       Radha from Indian Beauty Zone
     ·       Harshita from Dream v/s Reality
     ·       Natasha from My Little World of Makeup
     ·       Bhaswati from Mixed Ramblings of Mine
     ·       Nuts from Beauty Shopping Travelling etc
     ·       De Mons from Makeup Demon

My questions to the nominees:
     1.    Gold or silver?
     2.    Which book you have read recently?
     3.    One beauty product you cannot live without?
     4.    Which is your favorite online shopping website?
     5.    How many nail paints do you own?

Stay pretty!


  1. Hi Megha congrats dear...and thank you for sharing this with me :)

  2. Meghzzz congratulations....
    THANK You so much..Muaaah... U r such a sweetheart... THAnk you...

    1. My pleasure Razz. U totally deserved this award. Congrats!!!

  3. oh my god... thanksss.. most of the people dnt even understand what i do yet .. Lol.. bt i am adamant will make them understand for sure :D .. I am just a small fish in the sea yet and hopefully have lots to learn and discover ... :)
    Congratulations and wish u more and more success in the make up world... :)

    1. Hahaha u'll meet people of ur niche.
      Even i am a newbie n m doing it just for my interest. Its not about any competition. Just enjoy doing what you like :)
      Thanx n congrats to u too!!!

  4. Hey megha thq u for sharing this with me Keep rocking dear <3

  5. hahha Chamelon on hand must have given you a sleepless night.. :-)
    its nice knowing you Megha..

    1. My heart was thumping like hell that time :O
      But chameleon didn't change its color as per my skin :D

  6. Congrats Megha.:)
    Sorry was MIA for the past two days so now got time to visit blogs.
    it was good to know more about you and thank you so much for passing this award to me.<3

    1. Hey thanx Niesha! Congrats to u too :)
      Yeah was wondering where you have lost :)

  7. Hi Megh,
    Congratulations! You deserved every bit of it:)
    Got to know so much abt u:) Tea smell puts u off-strange...The chameleon incident was interesting_poor Megh ha ha:)
    You won a gold medal_wow! But for what?^_^

    Congrats again and take care:)

    1. Hey thank u so much Bush :)
      Yeah I seriously don't like teas smell..Eeeek
      Man I still remember that incident. But I m proud of myself :)
      I got a gold medal for MBA!!!

    2. You have done an MBA? WOW! <3.....So apart from makeup you do some serious ratta maro too...interesting:D

    3. Yeah m an MBA...:)
      Ratta maro no way...i have been a bright student since kindergartens :D

    4. Oh really cool! Even i don't like the 'ratta maro' thingy too! I believe in learning from my heart<3
      Ok so there's one small request gold medalistji please kubool karlo: I wanna be your blogging friend(do accept it,it'll be a pleasure:))

    5. Well i used to ratta maro definitions but always failed :D
      Ohhh do i need to click a button to become blogging friend? ;)
      Are you on facebook?
      BTW kabool hai (okay i am not going to say three times :P)

    6. Ha ha! Ok ek kuboolhai hi kafi hai:p Yes i am on Facebook but it is equal to not being on Facebook_Never use the Facebook account(don;t wanna get addicted:p) Cheers:)

    7. Uffff u mean we can only talk in comments sections :@

    8. Hun ;) Koi na we always have twitter :)

  8. Thank you so much! :)
    You're such a darling ^.^

  9. Congratulations Megha and thanks a ton for this :)
    Wishing u all the very best
    Keep blogging!!!

    1. Thanx dear....Congrats to u too:)
      Keep up the good work!

  10. hey.....Congratulations ! Megha......keep up the great work!

  11. Congratulations and thanks for awarding me, dear! ;)

  12. A big congratulations to you and lots of encouragement too. You a re a great blogger!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog


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