Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sathyam Aqua Rose Premium Rose Water Review

If you read my blog regularly, you would have read my reviews on few products that I ordered from Click On Care. After having a weird experience from Patanjali Rose water (I could see few threads floating at the base of the bottle!), I thought of ordering this premium rose water from the brand Sathyam Herbals. Their prices are super affordable and they claim to provide pure products. Rose Water has been a staple product in my skincare regimen and today I am going to share my review on Sathyam Aqua Rose Premium Rose Water*. It is priced at Rx 35 for 100ml, Rs 65 for 220ml and Rs 120 for 500ml.

The lid is sealed! 

Yes it gives a GLOW!

I wish there was a stopper!

Sathyam Aqua Rose Premium Rose Water comes in a sturdy clear plastic bottle with a screw top lid. The lid has been sealed to ensure you the product is brand new and not opened! I was a bit skeptical to find that the rose water was slightly light pink in color. I had always used rose water that are clear! I am not sure if the rose water is 100% natural as the scent is a bit strong though not artificial or headache causing than other rose water I had used till date! The consistency is just like any other rose water and I love using it in my face packs! When mixed with face packs, it gives such a beautiful glow to my skin. I have combination skin and sometimes spending a lot of time in air conditioner causes it to dry a bit. I simply pour rose water on cotton pads and place it on my dry areas. I instantly feel refreshed with the cool feeling and my skin feels so healthy and bright! 

Whenever I wear waterproof eye makeup, I always remove it with olive oil+rose water. It removes every speck of makeup without making my lids very oily and greasy! As it is very hot in Hyderabad, I also love pouring 2 teaspoons of rose water in my bathing water! It instantly makes my skin soft and smooth!

- Refreshing scent!
- Gives a lovely glow to the skin.
- Versatile.
- Suits all skin types.
- Price. It is very reasonable!
- Sturdy packaging!
- No breakouts!
- Gives instant boost to the skin!

- I wish there was a stopper at the mouth of the bottle. Rose water comes gushing out when poured directly!
- I am not sure if it is 100% pure!
- No ingredients list mentioned on the packaging!

Overall Thoughts:
Sathyam Aqua Rose Premium Rose Water is a great addition in my skincare regimen! I loved how bright and healthy my skin looks after using it. Though I am not sure it is pure but the price does not hurt me to try it and believe me it does its job well! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Store the rose water in a cool, dry place!
- Always apply face masks by mixing rose water with it for a lovely glow!
- You can even use it as a toner!

What is your favorite brand of rose wtaer? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. I am using rose water from years now and is always in search of some new and good quality rose water. This one sounds really good...will search for it soon :)

    1. Same here. Rose water is a staple product for me! You don't need to search i have given the link in my post!


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