Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Single Dot Nail Art

It's been a long time since I did a nail art. These days I am into super easy nail arts. Though I would not say I am all busy after marriage but I just do not feel like doing complicated nail arts. Today I am going to share an easy peasy nail art that I have been trying with different colors and believe me the outcome is just so pretty and chic! I have named this nail art as 'Single Dot Nail Art'

To make this nail art look pretty, all you need are:
- 2 contrasting nail colors, I chose orange and black. Here I have used Faces Matte Nail Polish in Firestick & Maybelline Nail Polish in Blackout!

- Anything that has a round tip. Here I have used the end of the handle of blusher brush. You can even use the rubber tip of the pencil!

Always remember before applying dark nail polishes, apply a base coat to protect your nails from getting yellow and damaged! Apply the base nail polish. Let it dry completely. Take some nail polish onto a card, dip the rounded tip into it and tap it onto the base of your nail! Repeat it for all the nails lastly apply the top coat. And the super simple single dot nail art is ready! You can go creative with this nail art. I particularly like to change the color of nail polishes. I have used these combinations: black and orange, black and white, sea blue and hot pink, green and yellow, golden and plum!

Would you try Single Dot Nail Art? Did you like it on my nails? What combination would you try?

Stay pretty!


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