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LYN Nail Lacquer Review & Swatches

LYN Nail Lacquers
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know how crazy I am for nail polishes. Each time I saw a new color, my hands start itching to add it in my nail polish stash as soon as possible. Recently I came across a new nail polish brand, LYN (Live Your Now) which has an amazing range of colors. I got four shades namely base coat, top coat, grape expectations and bella bronze. They are priced at Rs 350 and are easily available at Purplle. 

L-R Base Coat, Grape Expectations, Bella Bronze & Top Coat
LYN Nail Lacquer* comes in a squared shaped glass bottle with a black and golden lid. It indeed looks classy and adorable. The brush is of fairly good size and the bristles of the nail polish are soft. It applies smoothly and easily without brushing along the skin. The shade name is mentioned at the side of the lid.

L-R Top Coat, Base Coat, Grape Expectations & Bella Bronze
The formula of the nail paint is pretty good. It is neither very thick nor very thin. It applies smoothly over the nails without being streaky. 

Here are the swatches of LYN Nail Polishes:

LYN Nail Polish Base Coat
LYN Nail Polish Base Coat
I always apply base coat before applying dark nail polishes to avoid stains on my nails. This base coat applies smoothly and dries quickly. LYN base nail polish applies smoothly even if there are few ridges. It makes nail polishes adhere longer. I sometimes wear it to get glossy effect on my bare nails.

LYN Nail Polish Top Coat BUY ONLINE
LYN Nail Polish Top Coat
Top coat is a must have if you want your nail polish or nail art to last longer. This top coat applies smoothly and dries within few minutes. It gives a nice glossy finish to my nails. My nail polishes tend to last longer and the top coat also prevents chips.

LYN Nail Polish in Grape Expectations
LYN Nail Polish in Grape Expectations
Swatch of LYN Nail Polish in Grape Expectations
Grape Expectations is a Tyrian purple and gives true color in two coats. It applies streaky in first coat but goes smoothly with the second coat. It gives a nice glossy creamy finish to my nails. The formula is really good and the nail polish stays on my nails for a good 4-5 days with a top coat on. If you love dark nail polishes then go for it.

LYN Nail Polish in Bella Bronze
LYN Nail Polish in Bella Bronze
Swatch of LYN Nail Polish in Bella Bronze
Bella Bronze is a clear base with bronze flecks. I applied it over Grape Expectations. I think it would look prettier over black nail polish. Did I tell you I applied only a single swipe? I am totally in love with this gorgeous nail polish.

Good consistency.
Applies smoothly.
Good pigmentation.
Dries quickly.
Easy to remove.
Does not stain my nails though I always apply base coat.
Pretty packaging.
Reasonably priced.
100s of shades to choose from.
Lasts long.
Easily available.


Overall Thoughts:
LYN Live Your Now has a wide range of beautiful shades. I am so happy that now we have lots of shades to choose from a single brand. The nail polishes apply smoothly and evenly and give a beautiful glossy finish. Among all, my favorite is Bella Bronze which can be applied over any dark nail polish to give that sparkly effect. I would highly recommend these nail polishes to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried LYN Nail Polishes? Which is your favorite shade? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. hi i have not yet tried the lyn nail polish but have bought it from nykaa . I did not bring their colored nail polish i got their basecoat . I always used to use a clear nail polish as basecoat but then i realised that i was doing a cardinal sin in manicure so i had heard about this basecoat from a girl who had come from the parlour to do my manicure she also had a really beautiful colors of nail polish from lyn but i prefered to use my own nail polish gel stylist from lakme absolute (moms) then she used this base coat and i loved its finished and immediately ordered it .

    1. Its basecoat and top coat are worth trying :)


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