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NYX Butter Gloss Review

nyx butter gloss review
NYX Butter Gloss Review
There is no doubt that NYX has amazing products. I had reviewed many of their products on my blog and honestly all the products impressed me to the core! I just wish the brand lower their prices in India! If you want to know here is the list of products I have reviewed:
NYX Matte Lipstick in Sierra (I have 2 so if you want one ping me on my email!)

NYX Butter Gloss has been around the blogosphere since don't know when and when NYX finally arrived in India I am here to review NYX Butter Gloss*. I have 2 shades- Red Velvet and Madeleine!

It costs Rs 550 which I feel is a bit high compared to the prices in other countries.  You can BUY ONLINE on Nykaa!

nyx butter lip gloss swatches
NYX Butter Gloss 

nyx butter gloss red velvet
NYX Butter Gloss 
nyx butter gloss madeleine
NYX Butter Gloss Ingredients
NYX Butter Gloss red velvet review
NYX Butter Gloss- Red Velvet, Madeleine
nyx butter gloss madeleine review
NYX Butter Gloss- Applicator
NYX Butter Gloss red velvet swatch
NYX Butter Gloss swatches
NYX Butter Gloss comes in a light weight lip gloss tube with sponge applicator. It is very easy to use and the color of the tube is same is that of the shade. The formula is just perfect and glides across the lips without smudging or feathering. If you have dry lips then these lip glosses are for you. I do not prep my lips with lip balm before application and these glosses feel extremely comfortable and moisturizing on my lips. 

Red Velvet is my favorite red lip gloss. It is a warm red with glossy finish. It instantly makes me look glam and dress up. I love doing it with simple looks or smokey eyes. It has good pigmentation and gives full coverage to my pigmented lips.  It brightens up the face and goes well with all outfits. On the other hand, Madeleine is a light neutral color with a hint of baby pink. I have pigmented lips and it makes me look washed out. It is a very sheer and would look good on light or pale skin tones. 

Madeleine is quite sheer and lasts on my lips for only 2-3 hours and vanishes away with eating or drinking whereas Red Velvet stays for a long time and fades with eating or drinking but with a light tint behind!

- Easy to use packaging.
- Superb formula!!! Feels butterly soft and smooth on lips.
- Does not settle in fine lines of the lips.
- Loads of shades to choose from though very few are available in India!
- Yummy fragrance and taste #lol
- Gives a glam glossy look to the lips.
- Feels light and comfortable on lips.
- Non sticky though your hair would stick on it when the breeze blows!

- The staying power of Madeleine is low! Reapplication is needed!
- Price is higher in India! Originally it costs only $5!

Overall Thoughts:
NYX Butter Glosses are definitely one of the best glosses I have tried. They feel so light and comfortable on lips. Red Velvet has been my favorite and it will look super awesome on all skin tones. 

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- In order to make NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine work for me, I apply a nude lip liner all over my lips and then apply this lip gloss to get the color!
- To make the NYX Butter Glosses long lasting, apply it over the same colored lipstick of your choice!
- Be careful when the wind blows *laughs*

What is your NYX Butter Gloss shade?

Stay pretty!


  1. I love nu*e shades like Madeleine..:)

    1. I wish if we could meet so i could give away mine to you!

  2. I love the Butter Glosses as well! The formula is wow! Red Velvet and Angel Food Cake is just <3 for me!

    1. Yes the formula is just too good! i need to check Angel Food cake! Red velvet is awesome!

  3. Red Velvet sounds promising... Lip glosses and butters are always my priority over lipstick...

    1. Do try it Neha. it will suit you a lot! My priority is lipstick or tinted lip balms!

  4. Madeline color looks so pretty, I wish it had more staying power.

  5. I am digging the neutral color more for a change.. love butter glosses on some days

    1. Dont know why but neutrals with pink undertones dont suit me!

  6. Thanks for your review was helpful to me


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