Monday, September 19, 2016

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Serum Review

I have always been a huge fan of gold skincare products. Believe me guys they really make a difference to the skin!!! Before my wedding, I regularly used both Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream and  Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Serum. My skin felt soft, smooth, hydrated and bright. I even used it on my wedding day under my makeup and my skin looked radiant and healthy. Also the effect lasts really long! i did not go for any facials and this duo did magic on my skin. I had already reviewed  Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream on my blog. Today I am going to review Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Serum that costs $799/ Rs 53000 approx. You can BUY ONLINE on Forever Flawless!

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The packaging is truly elegant and screams luxury. Gold has always been my favorite and I was super happy when I laid my hands on Forever Flawless serum and cream. The serum comes housed in a sturdy black cardboard packaging with all the information printed over it. The bottle is very pretty yet sturdy. It has pump dispenser that makes it all the more travel friendly and yes it also avoids any wastage of product. Wastage of product does matter here because it costs a BOMB! The serum has gel like consistency with gold dust that are hardly visible. It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiff and feels super light. It makes skin soft, smooth and bright. It does not make skin oily or heavy. The fragrance is very light and hardly noticeable. I then follow it up with Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream to provide proper hydration to the skin. I know you would be thinking this is such a costly serum but let me tell you it has to be used only once or twice a week. I have been using it since last October and still more than a quarter is left in the bottle! It really makes a difference to the skin with regular usage. It contains 24K gold leaf and natural diamond powder that makes this serum luxurious!

- Luxurious and convenient packaging!
- Gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
- Makes skin soft, smooth and bright.
- My skin looks smoother thus I can say it blurs the pores!
- Non greasy!
- I did not face any breakouts on my acne prone skin but it contains sweet almond oil which is comedogenic! So patch test if you have very sensitive skin.
- The effect lasts for more than a month. My skin never looked this glow-y and bright!!

- Costs a bomb but then it is a luxurious brand!

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally in love with Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Serum. It is the best and most effective serum I have used till date. It keeps my skin soft, smooth and radiant. If you are facing dull and dry skin and ready to splurge then I would highly recommend it to you!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Use it at bedtime to get utmost results!
- Always follow it up with a cream!
- 2 pumps are enough for whole face!
- Use it once or twice a day!

Would you splurge on Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Serum?

Stay pretty!


  1. Seriously you bought this expensive serum..I am in shock after seeing the price..I would have preferred a gold diamond jewellery instead...:p :p

  2. I'm in love with Forever Flawless products! The packaging is so luxury and the products work great! I must review a serum asap

  3. Wow, that is a very expensive brand.


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