Friday, September 16, 2016

Fab Bag September 2016 Unboxing

beauty box

It's again the time of the month when my Fab Bag arrives and I write a post to show you what all items I got in my bag. September is flying like crazy and I will be moving to Bangalore at the end of this month. I shall really miss Hyderabad! I had such sweet memories here that I will always cherish!

monthly beauty box
beauty box subscriptions

If you love getting surprises then you must subscribe to Fab Bag. It costs Rs 1599 for 3 months. This time it is the 4th Anniversary beauty bag and I loved the quote on the bag. My life may not be perfect but my Lashes most definitely are! Though I was not excited with the color of the bag but believe me guys Fab Bags are great for traveling. I love carrying all my stuffs in these cute little bags! 
monthly subscription boxes

Here are the items I got in my beauty subscription bag:
Seasoul Eyeshadow Palette SS12
Rs 900
eye shadow palette

I got one palette in my previous Fab Bag and when I again got the chance to choose one product of my choice, I instantly chose this gorgeous bronze brown eye shadow palette. I have always loved neutrals and its perfect for all occasions. I have not tried it yet but I will make sure to review it in detail!

Sand Deadly Face Mask
natural face mask

It is a sample sized product but sometimes I love trying these small natural babies. The tub comes packed in a zipper lock bag and the oil leaked in the zipper. I was happy that it did not spoil my bag!

AVA Face and Body Scrub Spring Pond
Rs 325 for 100ml
natural face and body scrub

It is a full sized product and the scrub looks extremely gorgeous. It is specifically meant for oily skin and I could not wait to use it. I shall review it in detail on my blog.

Neemli Tulsi and Clay Body Wrap
natural body wrap

It is again a sample sized product. It comes in a small packet and I am sure it will be handy when I will stay at company's guest house for 15 days in Bangalore!

Style Fiesto Accessory
Rs 499

Honestly speaking, I am not a huge fan of Style Fiesto Accessory. I got earrings from them in my previous Fab Bags and I was not happy with the quality. This time also I did not like the pattern and design of the chain. I think it would look great with high neck tops!

- A perfect gift for yourself, friend or girlfriend! (Wife is by default :D)
- The bag is super useful whilst traveling.
- I loved the concept of choosing a product of your choice!
- Seasoul eye shadow palette is the best item in the bag.
- You get to try new brands!
- Reasonably priced if you subscribe for 3 months!

- I did not like the necklace but then it is a personal choice!

Overall Thoughts:
4th Anniversary September Fab Bag is great beauty subscription bag for anyone who loves makeup and new beauty products. I loved everything that come in my bag especially Seasoul Eye shadow Palette! I would definitely recommend this month's bag to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

What did you get in your September 2016 Fab Bag?

Stay pretty!


  1. Great stuff...Love the palette...The shades are so beautiful..Im still waiting for mine...I had opted for the sugar mascara... :D
    I'm sure ul love Bangalore dear...Its an amazing place to live accept for the traffic..

    1. i too wanted the mascara but this eye shadow palette stole my heart :D

      yeah the traffic is too bad there!

  2. This months bag is nice..but somehow I am not subscribing..I wonder what I'll do of all the pouches I have collected so far.. :p :p

  3. Waiting for mine to come. I opted for the mascara

    1. Seems most of the subscribers have opted for mascara!

  4. The contents seem good this time... i wud hv prefered a lighter shade of eyeshadow though.. make the best of ur stay in Hyderabad

  5. I love the products, though not the necklace :D Looking forward to reviews of Sand and Ava ones especially :)

    1. Me too. It looks so weird kind of :D

      Will surely do!

  6. The pochette is beautiful and I hope that Fab bag will ship to Italy because I'd like to try Indian cosmetics!

    1. U ll love Indian products Chiara! They are so good and effective!


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