Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fab Bag April 2016 Unboxing

April 2016 Fab Bag
This month's beauty bag* arrived in the first week of April! Fab Bag is really improving in its delivery time! As always I was excited to open the box and look what I got in this month's bag. This month, the theme is "It's a Spring Time". Though I did not find any product that relates to spring but anyways I was happy that at least the bag was textured pink and looks pretty. Fab Bag is priced at Rs 500 for 1 month, Rs 1599 for 3 months, Rs 2899 for 6 months and Rs 4999 for 12 months. You can subscribe your bag HERE.

The card with all the names of contents

This month's bag includes 7 products- 3 full size and 4 sample sizes.

Catrice Kohl Kajal
Catrice Kohl Kajal Ultra Black
I have been using Lakme Eyeconic Kajal for a long time now and was looking for a black kajal. Last month, I got an email from fab bag team to choose a product of my choice among few products and without thinking much, I selected Catrice Kohl Kajal in Ultra Black. It costs Rs 300 and I can't wait to try it. I have heard so many raves about this brand! It is currently on my testing table and I will review it soon!

O3+ Whitening Mask
O3+ Skin Whitening Mask
I would have been impressed if there was no tag of "whitening". It comes in sample size tube and contains comedogenic ingredients. This mask is not for my acne prone and I  will be passing it my mom who has normal skin!

Natural Bath & Body Mask & Cream
Natural Bath & Body Clay Mask & Whipped Cream
I was really disappointed to find the repetitions in my fab bag. I got these two products in my January Fab Bag. Both the products are not for my skin type and I am going to hand over these to my sister in law. You never you how your family is very helpful even in blogging.

Lollipops Concealer
Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer in Light Beige
It is a full sized product and costs Rs 800 which has already covered the price of bag. I got this concealer in my November 2015 Fab bag in Ginger shade. This time I got the Light beige. I am yet to use this concealer and shall review it soon!

These would look great on western dresses
Style Fiesta Accessory
These are stylish pair of earrings with black metallic finish. These are priced at Rs 499 and I feel the quality of the earrings is not worth the price. Anyways they do look chic on western outfits and feels super light!

Gorgeous grey lenses!
Freshlook 1 Day Color Lens in Grey
I was asked to choose a pair of lens and like always I chose my favorite shade "Grey". I wore grey lens at my wedding and I got so many compliments from my relatives. You can check out my pic on Instagram! The one I got are disposable lens and come in various shades.

- Pretty pink bag.
- Contains 3 full size products.
- Loved the concept of introducing international and new Indian brands.
- Reasonably priced for the products you get in the bag.

- Repetitions of products.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I was not very much impressed with this month's bag. There were a total of 3 products that were repeated in my bag. I wish the team will take care to send new products each time as we girls love trying new things. Right? 

Rating: 4/5

Did you like April 2016 Fab Bag?

Stay pretty!


  1. Except for the earings which I agree dont justify the price..rest r good products.. pls review the catrice kajal sometime :)

    1. Yes n I wish I didn't get those repeated products. Shall do it soon!!!

    2. Yes n I wish I didn't get those repeated products. Shall do it soon!!!

  2. I liked the last month bag better and I agree with the repetition of the products

  3. Me too, not at all impressed with this months bag,...

  4. Those earrings look really nice, but some products seem repetitive.

    1. Yeah I hope they would take care of it next time!!!

  5. The ear piece and the concealer caught my eyes. Waiting for reviews

  6. I didn't got the concealer in my bag :(
    Just reviewed it on my blog.

  7. Nice review Meghu :) I loved your grey lens..

  8. Product repetition is not good. This month's bag is just okay, previous month's was better.

  9. Even I agree with you about the ear ring.


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