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Ahaglow Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel Review

Ahaglow Face Wash
Today I am going to share with you my FAVORITE face wash---> "Ahaglow Face Wash". I have been using it since 5 months and I am already on my 5th tube. If you have acne or pimple prone skin then scroll down to read more. It is priced at Rs 350 and you can find it at any medical store in your city!

It easily dispenses the face wash!
I wish there were milicapsules in my swatch :D Tried hard but they didn't come!
Ahaglow face wash comes in a transparent yellow plastic tube with a flip top lid. I totally loved its bright yellow packaging. It stands out among all the products in my bathroom! The face wash has clear gel like texture with various colored milicapsules. What I loved about this face wash is the milicapsules can be crushed and are not made of plastic thus not harming our aquatic friends! The scent of the face wash is mild and pleasant and does not smell weird unlike other AHA products! All I do is take a small amount of face wash and lather it in between my hands. I then massage it gently over my wet skin and rinse it off with normal water. It makes my skin clean, glowing and polished. It sloughs away dead cells and makes skin look fresh and polished. It reduces marks and combats pimples with regular usage. It also helps in shrinking open pores and makes it look more smooth and rejuvenated. I have faced with very less breakouts since the time I am using it. It does not dry out the skin and is a miraculous face wash for people with acne prone skin. 

- Cleanses the skin thoroughly.
- Mild and pleasant scent.
- Bright and lively packaging.
- Lathers mildly.
- Makes skin clean and polished.
- Sloughs away dead skin cells.
- Evens out the skin tones.
- Controls pimples, acne and reduces marks.

- Pricey. They have hiked the price like crazy!

Overall Thoughts:
Ahaglow Face Wash has been a staple product in my skincare regimen. I love using it once a day in the morning. It keeps my skin clean, even and glowing the whole day. It reduces marks and controls pimples to a great extent. It is also recommended by many dermatologists and I shall highly recommend it to people with acne prone skin!

Rating: 4.9/5

My Tips:
- Use it only once a day as it contains glycolic acid which is an exfoliant ingredient.
- Always use a makeup remover to remove your makeup and then follow it up with this face wash.
- Always moisturize your skin post wash.
- Store in a cool, dry place.

Have you tried Ahahglow Face Wash? What face wash do you think is best for acne prone skin?

Stay pretty!


  1. Two years ago my dermatologist had suggested this face-wash, and I was using it for almost a year,.. I dint see any major difference, so stopped it after using it a while. I'm using The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash from past 6 months, and totally in love with it,...

    1. It's great if you have problematic skin!!! I will try the TBS one next!!

  2. This looks good, Megha if you have come across a good moisturiser for oily skin do let me know.

    1. Clean and clear oil free moisturizer is the best!!!

  3. This is a really good face wash.I used it a lot during my college days.Seems like the price had been hiked.

    1. Yeah it never fails to work!!! Yeah price has been increased!!!

  4. i am yet to try this. But yes its too pricey. But I do not stick to a single FW unless its super effective like my Oriflame tea tree & rosemary one. I love trying as many as I can.

  5. I love using this face wash. It works nicely in clearing acne and acne scars.

  6. i have dry skin and uneven skin tone and tanned face....can i use it...plz recommend d face wash for my skin tone

    1. You can try this face cleanser

  7. Hi.. it's been a week I am using ahaglow fw! And I have spots all over face ... till wen shld I use to see the results. My dermatologist suggested Tys and am worried abt my skin I have clear skin n all of a sudden started getting acne all over my face n they left spots . Wen could I see result ?... will my spots fade ?. Will I ever get clear skin again by using Tys?.. Pls tell me

    1. Continue using ahaglow face wash. It is really good for reducing acne! To reduce spots use this serum

  8. My face has become more dark spots.. what should I do, which face wash better for me...

  9. Hi.
    It has been a few days, I've started using ahaglow but I'm getting new pimples everyday.
    Should I continue to use it or stop it.
    Please tell

  10. It's really v useless. Have been using it for the past year on recommendation of my doctor(he appears to b ineffective 2).
    No reduction in acne! On the downside my skin gets v dry n patchy! dont use this overpriced n ineffective product.

  11. I have oily skin (face) can I use this face wash ?

  12. I am using aha glow face wash my dermatologist recommended but my skin is becoming brown why?

  13. I always read your reviews before buying any beauty products. I trust you.


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