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Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream Review

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream
Being a daughter of a jeweler, I have always loved gold. It is true that diamonds are girl’s BEST FRIEND but gold is my CLOSEST (or childhood #lol) friend. I love gold color in everything be it jewelry, clutch, dress, shoes or CREAM! You read it right GOLD IN A CREAM. Forever Flawless is a super luxurious brand that provides gold and diamond infused skin care products to make you look young and rejuvenated! I am going to review Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream* which is priced at $799 and you can buy online HERE.

The outer packaging
Description & ingredients
Isn't the packaging elegant?
Covered by inner lid!
The cream
Swatch of Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Cream
Before starting the review let me tell you it has to be used ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK. Yes it WORKS and shows results even when you use it bi weekly! 

The gold cream comes in an elegant black cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The actual product comes in an exquisite plastic case that is unique and screams luxury! It comes with a superb quality spatula that you can use to take the cream out of tub without dipping your fingers. It definitely looks luxurious and gorgeous on my vanity. By far the best cream packaging I own! Though I do not need a cream for reapplication throughout the day but when I have to go for long tours than I never forget to keep the tub (without box!) in my bag!

The texture of the cream is soft and smooth with very mild and pleasant scent. I simply take small amount of cream and spread it across my face and neck after applying toner. It glides easily and gets absorbed quickly without leaving oily residue behind! Though I have oily skin but it does not feel heavy or sticky. I love using it under my makeup and I love how healthy my skin looks. With regular usage my skin looks smooth, hydrated and radiant. If you are suffering from fine lines then I would definitely recommend it to you! The pure 24k gold, premium botanicals, vitamins and finest diamond powder infused in it definitely makes a DIFFERENCE to my skin. It feels more even and radiant! It will suit all skin types and I have not faced any irritations whilst using it!

The formula is superb!
Mild and pleasant scent.
The packaging screams LUXURY!
Gets absorbed quickly.
Skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated and radiant.
It makes me feel RICH *laughs*. Come on diamonds and gold in a cream!
Comes with a spatula.
Forever Flawless provides INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

Pricey though the results are visible!

Overall Thoughts:
It is definitely one the BEST gold creams I have used till date. It makes skin soft, smooth, hydrated and radiant. It definitely gives a nice boost to my skin. If you are ready to SPLURGE on a cream then GO AND GRAB it!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
Use it only twice a week as recommended by the brand.
You can use it at day time under your makeup or at night time.
If you have parched skin then you might need more quantity!

What is your favorite gold or diamond cream?

Stay pretty!

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