Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Glue Review

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Glue 
Being a nail art addict, nail glue is a must have for me. Not that I use it regularly but I love using it when I do nail art using glitter or big rhinestones. Born Pretty Store has lots of nail glue in stock and I planned to choose this one after doing research. It is priced at $1.49 (currently on discount) and you can buy online HERE.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Glue 
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Glue 
The nail glue* comes in a sturdy and opaque white plastic bottle with a screw top lid. The lid has brush applicator and is same as that of any nail polish. The brush has sturdy bristles and applies nail glue easily and perfectly on nails. I am so happy it does not smell weird unlike other glue. This nail glue is very sticky so make sure you do not accidently drop or apply it on your skin or clothes. 

Before applying nail glue, I always make sure to apply a base nail polish to prevent any damage to my nails. I then apply the glue using a brush and place rhinestones on it. The nail art glitter tends to fall away after 2-3 days when applied on clear nail polish but with nail glue it stays longer or until I remove it. The small size rhinestones stays on my nails for a good 5-6 days on clear polish so I avoid using nail glue with them!

Removing the nail glue is tricky. I simply soak cotton in the nail polish remover and place it on my nails for few minute. That way it removes pretty quickly!

Glitter and rhinestones stay longer on nails.
No stinky smell.
Easy to apply with brush applicator.
Reasonably priced.
Born Pretty Store provides International shipping.

If you are not careful, it might stick to your skin or nails! 

Overall Thoughts:
Born Pretty Store Nail Glue is definitely great nail glue I have tried till date. It sticks big rhinestones and glitter nicely and my nail art stays fresh for a longer time. It does not have stinky smell and the brush applicator is an added bonus! I would definitely recommend it to all nail art lovers!

My Tips:
Apply base polish first to avoid damage to nail bed.
Make sure the nail glue does not come in contact with skin or clothes.

Do you use nail glue? How do you make your nail art last longer?

Stay pretty!

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