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NYX Matte Lipstick in Sierra Review

A soft peachy matte lipstick that feels extremely comfortable on lips!

nyx matte lipstick sierra review

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The clear portion around the rim makes easy identification of lipstick!

nyx matte lipstick sierra swatch

nyx matte lipstick review

nyx matte lipstick review india

It is very pigmented and gives color in a single swipe!
nyx matte lipstick swatches

If you follow my instagram, you would know I had posted my haul of NYX Cosmetics. If not, follow me HERE. NYX Cosmetics has finally launched in India and I have always been a huge fan of this brand. Their products deliver what they claim and NYX Matte Lipstick* has been my favorite lipstick since the time I got. It is priced at Rs 650 and you can BUY ONLINE from Nykaa or Amazon HERE! It is pricier on Amazon than on Nykaa!

The packaging of NYX Matte Lipstick is very simple but it has a clear rim in the middle that allows you to identify the shade in case you hoard many from this range. I got the shade Sierra which is a warm peach color with a silky matte finish. Before applying any lipstick, I make sure to prep my lips with a lip balm. The lipstick glides smoothly over my lips without smudging or feathering. It is very pigmented and gives true color in just a single swipe. It stays for a long time on my lips even with eating and drinking. It leaves an even tint behind thus not leaving your lips bare. There is no noticeable scent of this lipstick so if you hate fragranced makeup then it is for you! I do not have dry lips but I feel it will not flake dry lips throughout the day!

I particularly love wearing this lipstick with neutral eyes, highlighted inner corners, loads of mascara and soft coral blush! This way it helps me in achieving soft makeup! You can even use shimmery champagne eye color as the lipstick is matte and mixing textures makes a perfect look!

- Loads of colors to choose from!
- Packaging is simple yet sturdy. Easy to identify the shade as well!
- Silky matte finish thus is non drying.
- Does not flake or makes lips dry!
- Great formaula. Glides easily across lips!
- No noticeable scent.
- Great staying power.
- Can be worn both day and night!
- Perfect lipstick for those who love matte lipstick.
- Price though a bit pricier than in US & UK!

- If you have very dry lips then you might find it drying. Read the tips below to make it work for you.

Overall Thoughts:
NYX Matte Lipstick in Sierra is a warm peachy color with rich pigmentation and long staying power. It instantly brightens up my face and makes me look younger. Despite being a matte lipstick, it does not makes my lips dry and feels comfortable throughout the day. If peachy shade is not your cup of tea, you can choose from various other shades! I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips: 
- To make lipstick application easier and non flake-y, always prep your lips with a lip balm 10 minutes prior to lipstick application.
- In hurry? Dab a tissue after lip balm application and your lips are ready for lipstick!
- Want a glossy finish? Apply a clear lip gloss for that shiny and glam lips.
- If you want your lipstick to last long, apply lipstick, blot off excess on tissue. Repeat 2-3 times and voila your lipstick will stay longer!
- Always store lipsticks in a cool, dry place!

Are you excited to try NYX Matte Lipsticks? Did you like this shade?

Stay pretty!


  1. That is a pretty shade.. i love matte lipsticks

  2. I really like the shade. Looks very pretty.

    1. Yeah the best part is it suits most of the skin tones!

  3. This shade is so pretty..Such shades are so much in trend and suits so well..Nice review.. :) :)

  4. Beautiful shade...Peaches and corals are all time favourite for lipsticks... And thanks for the tips...

  5. What a beautiful shade! I am eyeing another shade from the same range, it's called "bloody Mary" and it's a dupe of MAC's all fired up.

  6. This shade is too sexy.. Do include your lotds Di..


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