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LetsShave Women Body Razor Review

Get smooth shaving with the newly launched razor!

The major change I faced after marriage is I had to get ready with no prior notice. I know it might sound weird but Mr MBT shares plan with me right before an hour of the due time. I am always ready to face challenges and I had armored myself with essential tools that are very handy in these situations. There are times when my upper lips, arms and legs are not done and these are the 3 essential things that are always in my vanity:
Hair removal stick- To do my upper lips!
LetsShave Razor- For smooth, hair free hands and underarms!
LetsShave Body Razor- To get rid off hair on legs when I have to wear short outfits!

LetsShave Soft Touch 6 Women Body Razor* is one of its kind with 6 blades. It costs Rs 899 which is worth it. Read my full post to know the reason! You can BUY ONLINE on

I loved the line!

A handbook full of instructions!

This is how they arrive!

I love carrying my razor in pieces :P

Dual 3 blades with moisturizing strips and brush!

The body razor comes in a cardboard box packaging which is very convenient as I use it to keep all my razors in one place. The blade comes in a cute pink plastic case that allows me to carry razor with me. I detach razor handle and blade and keep them in my bag. If you love pink then you will get flattered by its look!

What I find different in this body razor is the number of blades and the round head. The round head has dual 3 blades that allows close shave to the skin. Right above and below the blades, there are moisturizing bands that protects your skin while you shave. The band contains aloe vera, lavender and vitamin E. The brush fingers right  at the top of the razor gives massage to your body while bringing hair up to shave as closely as possible. It is one thing that I have never experienced with other razors. 

The razor has textured handle that allows firm grip whilst shaving. The head of the razor adjusts itself and removes hair even in contour parts. I particularly use this body razor to shave my legs. Before shaving my legs, I make sure to exfoliate my legs for better shaving. I usually do the shaving whilst taking shower. I then apply hair conditioner and shave my legs using this razor. The blades glides across the skin smoothly without putting pressure. The head of the razor adjusts itself and removes hair quickly. Instead of removing hair in one go, I do it in small areas. My skin gets rid of unwanted hair and I do not need to go to the same area again. It feels soft and smooth without any traces of stray hair. I then rinse it off and pat it dry. My skin does not feel dry or irritated due to the presence of moisturizing strip that contains aloe vera, lavender and vitamin E. It's been more than week and I have not see any ingrown hair on my legs. 

- Pretty to look at!
- Feels light.
- The blades remove hair without cutting the skin.
- Does not cause irritation.
- Has dual 3 blades thus making task easier.
- Does not leave stray hair!
- Does not lead to ingrown hair!
- Travel friendly packaging!

- Price though you will not regret shedding money on dual 3 blades in 1 razor!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I am quite impressed with the newly launched LetsShave Women Body Razor. It makes my legs feel very smooth and hair free. I love using it whenever I am in a hurry and all I get are smooth legs in no time. I would definitely recommend it all the girls on-the-go!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Always exfoliate your skin before shaving.
- Do not put pressure on the razor. It will remove hair even with light hands.
- Go for small strokes instead of one long stroke.
- You can use shaving cream, shaving gel or conditioner before shaving!
- Always wash your razor and let it dry completely before storing otherwise the moisture will kill the blades and bands.
- Change the blades after every 2-3 months depending on your usage.

Would you try LetsShave Women Body Razor? Which razor do you use to shave your legs?

Stay pretty!


  1. Really Razors comes in handy when we are in a jiffy...well reviewed dear!

  2. It looks nice... but I haven't used razors yet... as I was always been scared that they might give more hair growth...

    1. Not at all. It does not cause more hair growth. i have been using them for a long time!

  3. This will totally be my best friend.. :p as m so lazy..

  4. I've been reaching for razors a lot these days and this one from letsshave sounds like one I need to give a try.


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