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Dresslink Nail Art Striping Tape Review

Time to tapify your nails!

Striping tapes have always been essential items in my nail art kit. Yes I have kept all my nail art items in a separate drawer and I just love my nail art collection. If you guys remember, I did reviews of the items I got from Dresslink. If not then these are the items I had reviewed on this blog:

I got these nail art striping tapes* from Dresslink at just $1.94 and guess what the set contains 38 pcs! You can BUY ONLINE ON Dresslink at an offer price!

Everything comes well packed in a resealable plastic case!
Few of the nail art tapes!
I loved these bright tapes!
The Nail Art Striping Tape Set comes in a thin transparent plastic resealed case. Each nail art tape roll comes securely packed in a separate plastic case to ensure that the tape rolls would not stick to each other and create a mess. The set consists of 38 colored rolls of tape. I love the selection of the shades of the tape the brand offers. It comes in Deep green, Red, Golden, Black, Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Neon Pink, Brown, White, Holographic Silver and bright matte colors. 

Each roll of tape is self adhesive and does not tend to stick to itself upon application. It is super easy to use and consumes less time. Apply base color of your choice and let it dry completely. Make sure that the base is completely dry else the tape would ruin everything and makes it look ugly and messy. Pull off a small tape and cut it using a scissor. I keep my tapes in a tape holder to get easy hold of it. Although the tape is very thin, it is really easy to cut and does not tend to adhere to itself. Make sure to cut the tape a little longer. You can apply the tape horizontally, vertically or diagonally using the tweezers. Cut off the excess getting close to the nail edge. It is easy to get hold of the tape using tweezers. You can also pull it off and replace it in case you did a mistake. Press the tape tightly using your finger so that it would stick firmly on your nails. Apply a top coat to make the manicure last long. There are so many creative ways to create a nail art using a striping tape. To achieve this look, you need to cut the tape a little longer so that they can be placed on your cuticle. It will help you to pull off the tape easily. Apply a nail color of your choice over the tapes. Pull off the tapes using tweezers really gently to avoid creating a mess. Make sure that you pull off the striping tape before the nail paint dries to avoid getting ridges. 

The Nail Art Striping tapes feel light and flat on the nails. All the shades are very pretty and stunning and I loved matte shades the most. They make my nails look bright and fresh. The striping tapes last on my nails for a good 2-3 days after that it starts peeling off from the sides of my nails. They can be easily removed using a good nail polish remover.

- You get 38 tapes for just $1.94!
- Looks stunning on nails!
- Loads of colors to choose from.
- Easy to use.
- You can get straight lines using these tapes!
- Dresslink ships worldwide!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
I absolutely loved Dresslink Nail Art Striping tapes. They are easy to use and looks stunning on my nails. You can create loads of designs using these tapes. I shall come up with nail arts soon! If you are a nail art lover, I would highly recommend them to you!

Rating: 5/5

Do you love doing nail art with striping tapes?

Stay pretty!


  1. I have these tapes...but have never used them..yet to try..I am also yet to shop from such foreign websites..So cheap they are.. :) :) :)

    1. Yeah Ritam their prices are so low as compared to Indian websites!

  2. Being a nail art lover, I can easily tell that these tapes reduce your efforts and gives beautiful results.. nice review di.. <3

  3. These sounds nice..Nail art is always a fun thing to do...


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