Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Everbuying Leopard Pattern Foundation Brush Review

Everbuying Foundation Brush
If you are a makeup junkie like me, you would have come across a situation when you seem to have lost one or two products from your vanity. Same happened with this foundation brush*. I loved its design so much that I forgot I kept it in the inner corner of my makeup drawer behind the foundation! We girls just want to keep few things untouched! I did few posts on Everbuying products before and I must say they have really good quality products at an affordable price tag! I ordered this foundation brush just by looking at its beautiful leopard print on the handle and I was surprised how well it blends my foundation. It costs $2.55 and is currently out of stock!

The leopard handle!
The bristles are dense and soft!
I love hoarding makeup brushes and I ordered this foundation brush along with Everbuying makeup brush set and makeup bag kit. The brush comes well packed in a plastic case so it is perfect to tote along without ruining its bristles or staining your makeup pouch. I love leopard prints and I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the website. It has smooth handle and is easy to grab whilst foundation application. If you remember, I also have a cute leopard print kabuki brush from born pretty store. Both the brushes complement well with each other and look stunning on my dresser! The bristles are made out of soft nylon hair and do not feel scratchy on skin. It blends the foundation well but like every other flat foundation brushes, it also leaves streaky lines in the beginning but with good blending it gives smooth and even finish. I have not seen bleeding or shedding of bristles and it looks new after every wash.

- Cute leopard print handle.
- Can be used to apply foundation, primer, moisturizer, concealer and even liquid blushes!
- Soft nylon hair. I am happy they are cruelty free!
- No shedding or bleeding.
- The bristles are dense and makes application easy!
- Inexpensive.
- Easy to wash!
- Everbuying provides WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

- Out of stock!

Overall Thoughts:
Everbuying Foundation Brush is a dense and soft brush that gives seamless coverage without feeling scratchy. I would definitely recommend you to check out brushes on their website.

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips: 
- Dot foundation on the center area of face and blend it in downward directions with steady hands.
- Wash the brush after every usage with a baby shampoo.
- You can use the pointed or top part of foundation brush to conceal blemishes!

What is your best way to apply foundation?

Stay pretty!


  1. This brush is so fashion! Have a good day Megha :) I write a comment on your giveaway

    1. So happy to see you again sis! I just checked your comment! Love you :*

  2. The brush looks gorgeous. I have a friend who loves animal prints. If this comes back in stock I would love to get it for him.

    1. Its perfect to gift this brush to ur friend!

  3. This brush wud be too cute to add to our make up collection.. sadly OOS!!


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