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Aroma Magic Hair Revitalising Serum Review

Aroma Magic Hair Revitalising Serum
Aroma Magic Har Revitalising Serum* is a newly launched product by Blossom Kochhar. I was very excited to try but in this super hot weather my hair gets limp and oily the other day! For the last few months, I noticed my hair were falling in bunch and immediately this hair serum comes to my mind. It is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, toxic ingredients, colors or fragrances so you are sure that you are not going to damage your hair! Aroma Magic products are hits and misses and read on my review to know if it worked on my hair! The hair serum costs Rs 750 and you can BUY ONLINE HERE.

Aroma Magic Hair Serum
The pump packaging!
Looks like an oil but it is not!

One of the ingredients of hair serum is carrot oil and the color of the packaging resembles the color of carrot. The packaging is very lively and stands out on my dresser! All the information is printed on both outer and inner packaging. The hair serum comes in a pump packaging which is very travel friendly. The pump squirts right amount of serum without any wastage! 

The hair serum is clear and looks just like coconut oil minus the oil consistency. It is very light and gets absorbed pretty quickly. It smells like coconut oil and lavender essential oil though the ingredient list does not contain coconut oil. It has to be applied after shampooing or on clean hair. I simply take 2 pumps of hair serum and apply it onto my scalp as directed by the brand. It gets absorbed almost instantly and the scent fades away after few minutes. I have been using it for more than a month and I must say it has reduced my hair fall to a great extent. My hair feels stronger and less prone to breakage while combing. As I told you I have very fine hair with oily scalp, the only thing that disappoints me is that this hair serum makes my hair look limp and greasy the following day. I tried applying lesser amount but the results were the same! I feel it will work great on people with normal and dense hair! If you have drier scalp then you must try this hair serum as it moisturizes the scalp without irritation. I look forward to try this hair serum in winter when my scalp and hair become dry like hay!

- Pretty packaging.
- Pump packaging is very convenient.
- A little goes a long way. 
- Gets absorbed quickly.
- Smells like a natural hair oil!
- Does not contain chemicals!
- Great for normal or dry hair!
- Controls hair fall.
- Makes hair strong.

- Makes my hair limp and greasy thus it is not for people with oily scalp especially in this hot weather!

Overall Thoughts:
Aroma Magic Hair Revitalising Serum is great for people who are suffering from hair fall. It gets absorbed instantly and makes your hair stronger. I have fine hair and it makes my hair limp the other day so I am not going to use this in hot and humid weather and have stored it for the winters. If you are looking for a hair products that is free from chemicals and nasty ingredients then I would recommend it to you!

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried any hair revitalizing serum or hair tonic that does not make hair limp? What is your to go to way of controlling hair fall?

Stay pretty!


  1. I have greasy hair and this is a skip fr me.. Thanks fr the review

    1. Ohhh u have same hair as mine! Skip it for sure!

  2. I have oily scalp, I must skip it.

  3. This sounds nice, but I won't give it a try in summers as my hair tends to be greasy super easily in this hot humid weather.

    1. Same here and it seems most of the commenters here have greasy hair!

  4. I ahve oily scalp..I wish this would have worked for hair like mine too :(

  5. I was planning to buy a new serum abd guess what? Aroma products suits me really well, I am definalty going to try it out :)

    1. This looks perfect for you! Don't forget to share your views with me!

  6. Hey Megha! Thought I'd ask how this product worked for you during winter. My hair gets dry and knotted a lot in the winter months, thanks to woolens causing static electricity :/

    1. It doesnt help in dry hair. Works only to reduce hairfall!


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