Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Sadhev Rose Water Review

 If you ask me which brand is best for rose water, I would say I do not stick to one (being a blogger) but I do have my heart on many rose waters I have tried earlier. You can just type rose water in the search bar of my blog and go through the reviews. I had liked many brands for rose water and they did amazing job on my skin. Rose water has always been a staple product in my skincare regime since long. I use it as a toner and for making face masks! I had tried few products from Sadhev and I absolutely loved their Natural Lip Balm (Must try!). Today I am going to review Sadhev Rose Water*. Sadhev is an Indian Luxury Ayurveda brand that blends the science of wellness with the art of Ayurveda. 

Price- Rs 895 for 150ml BUY ONLINE

The best thing I liked about Sadhev Rose Water is its glass packaging. I have always loved products that come in glass packing as I can reuse them and they feel so good to use! I really loved the aesthetic floral design on the packaging. It looks soothing to the eyes and feels luxurious! The actual product comes in a glass bottle with a mist dispenser. It's a perfect bottle to mist spray on your face. It perfectly mists the rose water on your face making it damp and not wet! The bottle is very sturdy and of very good quality!

I use Sadhev Rose Water as a toner after cleansing my face. I just spray 2-3 times on my face and neck and follow it up with my moisturizer! It makes my skin smooth, soft and glowing in this harsh, cold and dry weather! I also love using it in my homemade face packs that I make with Stamio powders! These powders along with rose water has made such a remarkable difference to my skin. My skin looks radiant and healthy!

Though I have not faced any adverse reactions whilst using it but I found the brand has added natural oils, perfumes and approved colors that kinda disappointed. I expect my rose water to be pure with no oils and preservatives!

You can keep rose water in refrigerator for that cooling sensation but since Bangalore is already freezing, I prefer to keep it outside!


  • Skin feels refreshed!
  • No stingy feeling.
  • Very soothing on skin.
  • Hydrates and refreshes!
  • Gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
  • Mild rose fragrance!
  • Beautiful packaging and sturdy glass bottle!
  • Made in India!


  • Added oils, fragrance and colors!
  • Pricey for rose water!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I loved Sadhev Rose Water for its hydration and the soothing it gives to my skin but I find it too pricey for rose water with added oils, fragrance and colors!

My Tips:

  1. Always inculcate a toner in your skincare routine. It really makes a difference!
  2. I love making masks with rose water and nettle hydrosol to prevent acne and pimples!

Let me know your favorite rose water! I would love to try new one next time :)

Stay Pretty & Stay Warm :)


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