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How to use Nettle Hydrosol ft Blend it Raw Apothecary

The same question came in my mind when I got Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol*. I have heard about Blend it Raw Apothecary from one of my friends and she absolutely loved their products for the pureness! After going through their website, I noticed that the brand sells single ingredients products that actually added a cherry on the cake. I got 3 products from Blend it Raw Apothecary and I am really enjoying using them. Today i am going to review Blend It Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol that I have been particularly using on my hair! Let's see how we can use nettle hydrosol for hair and skin.

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About Blend it Raw Apothecary 

The brand is founded by Aarushi Singhal who loved doing DIY's using the herbs and oils available at home. After getting fed up of the fake ingredients found online, she started sourcing ingredients directly from the farmers and provide them through her website. All the products are pure and natural!

What is a hydrosol?

Since many of you may not have used hydrosol before, let me first clear what exactly is hydrosol. Hydrosols are herbal waters that are made by distilling fresh leaves, flowers or roots. They have the similar properties like essential oils but are less concentrated but highly potent. Their aromas are mild and subtle when compared to essential oils! 

Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol is created by steam distilling wildly grown stinging nettle leaves in the Himalayas! It can be used as scalp mist, as a toner and as a hair rinse. It can also be used in making your face packs or hair packs. It is 100% organic with no chemicals so make sure you keep it in refrigerator after opening. 

How to use Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol?

I have been using Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol for the last 15 days. This is the first time I used nettle hydrosol and initially I was very confused but Blend it Raw Apothecary team helped me in understanding few basic concepts. I particularly use this hydrosol to replace my hair oil. There are days when i do not feel like oiling my hair and I just spray it all over my scalp and apply little sweet almond oil on my hair. I let it stay for about 2-3 hours and then wash my hair with shampoo followed with hair serum. Initially I noticed some hair fall (that may be due to change in weather) but after few uses, I feel Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol makes my scalp clean and healthier. I have not faced dandruff issues and I can definitely notice reduction in hair fall. Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol can be used as a hair growth serum as well after washing your hair but as i have quite thin hair, I feel it makes my scalp oily the next day so I prefer using it before wash!

Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulfur which helps in making hair shiny and strong.

Nettle Hydrosol has weird scent so I avoid using it on my face but if you can use it then it is great for people with acne and pimples.

Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol is 100% natural with no additives added. 


  • 100% natural!
  • The pump dispenses the fine mist so your face and scalp won't get wet.
  • Makes scalp healthy with regular usage.
  • Promotes hair growth as it is rich in sulphur.
  • Can be used on face and hair.
  • Versatile product.
  • Prevents dandruff and other scalp issues!
  • A little goes a long way.


  • Pricey if you use it a lot. I use it once a week on my scalp!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I love using Blend it Raw Apothecary Nettle Hydrosol. It makes scalp healthy and healthy scalp makes healthy and new hair. Though it would be too soon for me to notice new hair but I will definitely update this post after a month. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for healthy hair, scalp and skin.

My Tips-

  1. For healthy hair, you need to drink lots of water and eat healthy food. No product will work if you are in stress!
  2. If you have oily scalp like mine, do not massage your scalp after spraying to avoid getting oily scalp!
  3. Store in fridge to increase its shelf life! I live in Bangalore where the weather is always pleasant so I just keep it in dark place away from sunlight!

Have you used hydrosols? Which one did you like? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



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    1. its the first time i used nettle hyrdrosol and was surprised that it worked!


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