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Sadhev Natural Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is one such product that I can't live without. It is a staple product in my skincare regime and I use it 4 times in a day. Whether my lips are dry or not, I need a lip balm. I have tried loads of lip balm and reviewed them on my blog. Today I am going to review Sadhev Natural Lip Balm* that I have been using for the last 2-3 months.

Price- Rs 595 for 5g BUY ONLINE

Sadhev is a new for me and I love to explore new brands. It is an Indian luxury Ayurvedic brand that blends the science of wellness and the art of Ayurveda to create products that are not only pure but effective. All their products are cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free. 

Now coming back to the lip balm. Sadhev Natural Lip Balm contains the extracts of coconut and beetroot. It comes in a soothing to look at cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it. The actual product comes in a tiny dark brown plastic tub with a screw top lid. It is very tiny and light and can be easily carried around in a bag. As soon as you open the tub, you are greeted with a shiny red lip balm with a lovely smell of some oils. I literally could not detect the smell of the oils. 

How do I use Sadhev Natural Lip Balm?

You just need to use clean fingers (ALWAYS!!!), rub it over lip balm and apply it on your lips. It is dusty red in color and looks beautiful on lips. It also gives a beautiful sheen to the lips. It spreads easily over the lips as it contains various oils. It does not release clumps and feels smooth on the lips. It does not feel heavy or greasy. It doesn't have a weird taste unlike other lip balms. It gives an instant relief to the lips on application but alas it does not stay long on my lips. My lips start feeling dry after sometime and I feel I had to reapply it many times that actually disappointed me. 

As it is quite moisturizing on application, I love using it as a base for lipstick with dry texture.


  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Soft and smooth formula.
  • Does not feel greasy.
  • Gives instant relief to the lips.
  • Cruelty free.
  • It is a pigmented lip balm and the color looks very pretty on lips though it fades away after sometime.
  • Luxury ayurvedic brand that is made in India!


  • Pricey for the quantity.
  • Not long lasting. 

Overall Thoughts:

Overall Sadhev Natural Lip balm is a great lip balm for normal lips but as I have dry lips, I am not pretty satisfied with its results. I would definitely not be spending 500 bucks to get a tiny tub of lip balm that does not last a long time. There are many other good lip balms in the market that heals lips and keeps them soft.

What's your favorite lip balm? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


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