Monday, July 4, 2022

Miniso Pittura Nail Polish in Light Orchid

This is my first purchase from Miniso nail polishes. I have always wanted one whenever i visit Miniso store but thinking i have way too many polishes, i stop myself from collecting more. When I saw Miniso Pittura nail polish in such a beautiful light orchid shade, i could not stop myself from grabbing it. here is my review on Miniso Pittura Nail Polish!

Price- Rs 90 for 9ml
I bought from the Miniso store!

The packaging of the nail polish is pretty simple. It comes in a clear glass bottle with a black lid. The brush is of fairly good size and the bristles of the nail polish are soft. It applies smoothly and easily without brushing along the skin. The shade name and number are mentioned at the top of the bottle. The lid is matte and allows comfortable grip while application. The information related to nail polish is written at the back.

The formula of the nail paint is pretty good. It is neither very thick nor very thin. It applies smoothly over the nails without being streaky. The nail polish is medium pigmented and despite adding 3 coats, my nails still can be seen through the polish. It dries really quickly in few minutes and I do not need to waste my time sitting idle. The longevity of the nail polish is good. It lasts on my nails for about 3-4 days without chipping. If you apply a top coat then it might last for a week. The color does not dull down even after 5 days which is really impressive. The nail polish gives glittery and slight holographic finish to my nails. It is easy to remove (sometimes i feel it is a peel off nail polish as it gets peeled off easily with nails!) and does not stain my nails.

Light Orchid is a warm lavender color with lots of glitter to it. i love glittery nail polishes and I absolutely loved this shade. It is definitely eye catchy and gives a classy look to the nails. I feel Light orchid will look good on all skin tones.


• Good consistency.

• Applies smoothly without streaking.

• Great staying power.

• Dries quickly.

• Easy to remove.

• Wide range of shades available.

• Light orchid is a super pretty shade.

• Travel friendly packaging.

• Reasonably priced.

• Easily available.


• i wish it had good pigmentation.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I love Miniso Pittura Nail Polish in Light orchid. It is super pretty shade and if you love liht colors then you must try it on. 

Have you tried Miniso Nail Polishes? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. Nice nail polish and lovely manicure. The result is fabulous and I am sure you are vary satistied.

    1. Yes flo. It is a very pretty shade and looks amazing in person!

  2. Wow this shade looks sooper cool. Will check

  3. I haven’t tried miniso’s shades yet but I will go with your recommendation and would love to try their Orchid shade.

  4. I love miniso products. Currently I am using miniso's body mist and nail paint and really liked it .

  5. The girls at home are so fond of Miniso, they would be thrilled to see this post. Not a great judge of nail polish, I kind of love these modern shades.

    1. even i love miniso for their cuteness. i have few of their products and pretty happy with the quality!


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