Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cetaphil Baby Lotion Review

I have used many baby creams and lotions for my daughter but when it comes to baby cream, i always stick to Himalaya Baby Cream. That is the only cream that suits her facial skin. When it comes to body lotion, i do not mind trying new but yes i do read reviews before trying. I loved Baby Dove lotion a lot but on our visit to a baby store, i found it was out of stock, I grabbed Cetaphil Baby Lotion. I used it on my daughter for a good one month and here is my review on Cetaphil Baby Lotion with shea butter!

Price- Rs 770 for 400ml


The packaging of the baby lotion is sturdy and soothing to look at. It has a pump which i feel will make not so travel friendly. Otherwise at home, it is very easy to use. The pump dispenses the right amount of the lotion. It is made of high quality plastic with all the information printed over it. The full ingredients list is provided by the brand on the bottle that I really appreciate.

The consistency of the lotion is really good and it is neither very thick or very thin but thicker than Himalaya Baby Lotion. The baby lotion is white in color with very mild scent which is soothing. I really love sniffing my baby after i apply it on her. It gets absorbed in a few seconds that sometimes bothers me but it's okay and works well in all seasons. It does not feel heavy and makes her skin very soft, smooth and moisturized. I moisturize her twice daily. If i forget to moisturize her sometimes then also her skin remains moisturized.  Anaaya has not suffered any kind of skin irritation due to this lotion. It is hypoallergenic and suits newborn sensitive skin as well. It is recommended by many pediatricians.

This lotion can be used on your baby's face and body but I use it on my baby's face only! Use it after shower for best results! 


  • Easy to use packaging.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • No parabens or mineral oils. Safe to use on new borns as well.
  • Contains shea butter and glycerin.
  • Keeps skin moisturized for a long time.
  • Good for dry skin.
  • Easily available.


  • Expensive!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I am happy with Cetaphil Baby Lotion. It moisturizes the skin and if your kid has dry skin then you must give it a try. It is quite gentle and suits all skin types. Other than the price, I loved it a lot and would recommend it to everyone. 

Have you tried baby range from Cetaphil? What is your favorite? Share in the comments section below!

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