Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Talc Free Baby Powder in India

Though many people these days say not to use baby powders on baby due to the presence of talc but i have always used baby powders on my daughter. Though i use only little but I feel they are needed in an atmosphere like India! I have always used Himalaya Baby Powder but few months back, i thought of trying talc free baby powder and got Mother Sparsh Dusting Powder for babies*. Here is my review on this talc free baby powder that I have been using on my 4 years old since 3 months.

Price- Rs 225 for 100g


The packaging of the baby powder is same as that of Himalaya Baby Powder. It comes sealed to ensure you are getting a new and fresh product. You just need to twist the lid to open and close and it is safe to carry it with you whilst traveling. All the information is mentioned on the bottle but there are only key ingredients mentioned that disappointed me a bit. The fragrance is a bit disappointing too. Though I do not prefer strong fragrances in skincare but I don't like mild yet weird fragrances as well. This baby powder exactly describes the same. The fragrance is like some flour and not refreshing that I expect in a baby product.

The texture of the baby powder is soft and fine but when i put it on my baby, I found it to be a little granular than on hand. Though it does not dry out my kid's skin but I was really not very happy with the fragrance and texture. 

Mother Sparsh Dusting Powder is made without talc and is composed of natural and organic ingredients such as arrowroot powder and corn starch which is blended with the lavender oil. It helps in keeping baby's skin dry and free from diaper rashes!!


  • Talc free.
  • No parabens, sulphates or phthalates.
  • Packaging is good and travel friendly.


  • Fragrance is not very good.
  • Texture is not very fine.
  • Little pricey when compared to other brands but it really lasts long.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I was not really impressed with Mother Sparsh Baby Powder despite being it natural. I wish they work on fragrance and texture and i would love to buy it again.

Do you use powder on your kids?

Mother Sparsh products that i really liked:

Mother Sparsh After Bite Balm (helps to prevents mosquito bite marks and other itching!)

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes (very gentle on baby's bum!)

Mother Sparsh Laundry Detergent (gentle on kids clothes! I loved it!)

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. Oh very interesting product
    Thanks for your honest review

  2. I know it will sound unbelievable but from some years now I use baby powder on certain areas to avoid skin problems due to perspiration and chafing therefore your post interests me personally.

    1. yes baby powders can used on joints to avoid rashes!


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