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Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist Review

If you ask me if hydrating mist is necessary to be included in your skincare regime then I will say yes. I never ever thought of including them in my regime until I got dry skin. Hydrating mists make a lot of difference to your skin with just few mists. Today I am going to review Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist* that has literally changed the texture of my skin. After using it for a month, here is my review on Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist.

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🌹Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist is made using pure spring water infused with fresh rose flower petals. I have always loved Rose water after cleansing my skin BUT Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist is a better version of Rose water. 

🌹Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist comes in a dark bronze cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it. The actual product comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a spray nozzle. The nozzle itself is covered with an inner cap. The overall packaging gives a luxury feel. As soon as you open the bottle, you are greeted with a very refreshing fragrance of Indian roses that actually hits the nose and gives you a beautiful feeling. I just want to keep smelling! It smells pure with no artificial fragrance.

🌹I use it after cleansing my skin with a face wash. I spritz it on my dry skin and I loved how hydrating it feels. My skin feels good even with a mist on. It is moisturizing and my skin doesn’t feel stretchy at all. Not only that, it also gives a dewy look to the skin. I then follow it up with a moisturizer or sunscreen.

🌹 Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist suits all skin types. I have dry, acne prone skin and it did not break out my skin at all. Most of the hydrating mists I have used gave me closed comedones but this facial mist passed the test and has become my favorite. It does not feel heavy so I will be perfect for oily skin as well.

🌹I love using this facial mist before applying foundation and it gives such a glowing and natural look to the makeup. I got so many compliments even from strangers that how healthy and glowing my skin is and I will give credit to this mist and of course my makeup skills.

🌹 Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist can be used a body mist and hair mist. It feels very refreshing when used as a body mist. If you love roses, then it’s just have for you. I haven’t tried it yet on my hair so can’t share my experience on it but I will update it when I do.

🌹it has to be within 10 months after opening it’s it is natural. Store it in a dark place to increase its shelf life. The bottle is made of glass so I avoid carrying it but I would transfer it in a small travel spray bottle whilst traveling.

🌹Rose water has many beauty benefits. It balances and hydrates the skin. It has natural antiseptic, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial powers.


  • Hydrating yet not sticky or heavy.
  • Refreshing and pure fragrance.
  • Gives a beautiful glow to the skin.
  • Actually hydrates the skin.
  • Versatile product.
  • The mist is very fine.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Natural.


  • None!

Overall Thoughts:

I absolutely love Clay Essentials Wild Rose Hydrating Mist. It is one of the best hydrating facial mist I have ever used. It gives luminous look to the skin without breaking it out. I would highly recommend everyone to try it. I would always repurchase it.

\Do you like hydrating mist? Share your comments below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



  1. So many pros and no con... that adding to the fact that is a natural product makes me really wanna try it!


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