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Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask Review

 I love using home made hair masks. I got all the recipes from my mom who has amazing thick, luscious and dark hair. After marriage, being a lazy bum, i did not do much and used to apply only amla hair mask. recently when my hairdresser told me that my hair is losing its texture and shine, I got a red alert and thankfully I found Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask*. I have been using it sine more than a month and here is my honest review for my readers. 

Price: Rs 261 for 100g


Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask comes in a light colored envelope kind of sealed pack with all the information printed at the back. I loved that they opted for environment friendly packaging. The pack is resealable so you do not need to transfer it in other container.

Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask contains many effective herbs like bhringraj, basil, shikakai, amla, neem and many other that are very good for taking care of the hair. The full list is mentioned on the pack.

The hair mask is very fine and applies to the hair and scalp very well without creating a mess. The smell is very mild and hardly noticeable. 

How do I make hair mask with Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask?

I take about 2-3 teaspoons of hair mask in an iron wok and mix curry leaves, fenugreek seeds concoction water in it to make a slightly thin paste. I let it soak overnight and apply it all over my scalp and hair the next morning. It applies easily without making a mess. I then wash it off with normal water after 30 minutes. 

Before using a hair mask, I make sure my hair is clean and not oily. I use it once a week.

The Results:

Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask makes hair thick, shiny, improves texture and keeps dandruff at bay. It also controls hair fall to a great extent as it takes of the scalp and hair roots. My hair texture has improved a lot using this hair mask that was damaged using chemical laden shampoo.


  • Natural with no chemical at all. 
  • Makes hair soft, thick and long. My hair literally got a good length.
  • No dandruff.
  • Made in India!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Suits all hair types.
  • Controls frizz!


  • If you have super dry hair then you might need a conditioner.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I loved Laksh Ayurveda Root Strengthening Hair Mask and would love to explore more products from this brand. It has improved my hair texture and helps a lot in hair fall. I would highly recommend this natural hair mask to everyone! 

Do you use powder hair mask? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of love!



  1. Oh very interesting product and brand
    Thanks for share your review with us darling


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