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Evalife Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Mask Review

If you are an ardent reader of my blog, you would have noticed that I had reviewed a face wash and face scrub from the brand Evalife. It is a new brand to me but I really loved their products. The scrub was an okay kind of but the face wash was really good and currently I am loving their face pack too. Today I am going to review Evalife Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Mask that I have been using for the last 1.5 months.

Price- ₹366 for 100g 

It's currently not available on Amazon but you can find it on many other online shopping websites!

Evalife Natural Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Mask comes in a soft, squeezable clear plastic tube with a white screw top lid. I wish it was flip top as it’s really difficult to hold the lid when you are in shower. After I became a mommy, I started applying face pack in the shower. The packaging is simple and sophisticated. The lid of the tube is quite tight and can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of leakage or spillage. The face pack is pale green in color with smooth texture. It has mild and soothing smell of tea tree and rosemary oil that relaxes the senses. It literally makes me feel so relaxed.

The texture of the face pack is soft and smooth with good consistency. It is neither very thick nor very runny. It is a ready to use mask and can be used directly from the tube. It is easy to apply and totally mess free. It spreads easily across my skin without tugging. The consistency is really good and I do not need to keep my skin damp. I always make sure to wash my face with a face wash to remove all dirt and grime off the face. I also scrub my face before applying a face pack. I apply only a thin layer of face pack and it works pretty well on my acne prone dry skin. I then let it sit on my skin for about 10-15 minutes. It does not give tingling sensation that I really adore. It does not harden or tighten the skin. It is easy to remove and gets washed off easily with water and does not leave any residue behind. The scent fades away as soon as the face pack is rinsed off. Recently I had acne on my back and this face pack really helped me getting rid of them!

My skin instantly feels smooth, bright and super clean. It gives a nice healthy glow to my skin. It does not dry out my skin and makes it feel balanced (neither dry nor oily). I do not feel the immediate urge to moisturize the skin. It contains Kaolin and bentonite clay that clean the clogged pores making the skin look clearer and brighter. It also controls excess oil and gives a matte look to the skin. Kaolin clay and bentonite clay are as effective as fuller's earth for oily skin! I love using this face pack twice a week and it does keep my skin soft and clean. It also controls pimples and acne. It also treats existing pimples and makes the marks light. I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using this face pack. Though I do not suffer from tanning but I could see visible brighter skin with regular usage. It is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company under technical guidance of UK research company.

After using this face pack, I feel my skin has become clearer and I hardly get any pimples or acne!


  • Perfect for oily, acne prone skin. It contains all good ingredients like kaolin, bentonite, tea tree and rosemary oil.
  • Smells oh so nice.
  • Good consistency.
  • Makes skin squeaky clean. Deep cleansing to be clear!
  • Controls excess oil.
  • Does not dry out the skin. It’s pH balanced.
  • Lasts long.
  • Though it is meant for oily but I feel it works on all skin types.


  • The brand claims to be natural but after looking at the ingredients I feel it is not.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I love Evalife Natural Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Mask is one of the best face mask for acne prone skin. It does what it claims and keeps skin oil free and acne free. I haven’t faced any skin issues since the time I am using it. I will definitely repurchase it and would recommend it to everyone!

My Tips-

  1. Always apply face pack on clean skin.
  2. You can scrub your skin to get the best out of your face pack.
  3. Follow it with a moisturizer for a healthy skin.
  4. Use it twice a week.

What is your favorite face mask? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



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