Tuesday, August 31, 2021

W.Lab Selfie Velvet Lip Tint Review

After the pandemic, I hardly wore any lip color. One reason being nobody got to see your lips and another being you spoil your mask too. But for the last 2 months, I have been wearing lip colors just to make me feel good. Makeup is my passion and I love wearing them. The only lipstick that I have been using since last 2 months is W.Lab Selfie Velvet Lip Tint. I got this in my Joahbox and man this is the prettiest shade I own that make me feel pretty.

Price- $12.30/ ₹900 approx 

Let’s first talk about the packaging. The lip tint comes in a black cardboard box packaging with all the information written in Korean or Chinese language. One thing I loved about the box is the brand has given a color representation on the box to ensure you will identify your lip color easily in case you have many lipsticks. The actual product comes in a very high quality clear plastic tube with a golden screw top lid. It has doe foot applicator that is very easy to use and applies lip color smoothly and evenly. 

W.Lab Selfie Velvet Lip Tint comes in 9 colors and I have #2 Mild On which is an orange based neutral color. I really can’t tell how this color instantly makes my face look bright and awake. I don’t even need a foundation to make me feel presentable. The lip color itself does it’s job. It has a velvety matte finish that can be worn with any outfit and at any time of the day. It is pigmented and covers my pigmented lips really well. I just need few swipes and I am ready to go. The lip color stays on my lips for a good 3-4 hours with mild fading and doesn’t settle into the fine lines of the lips. Recently I have been to a restaurant after a super long time and yes it survived the full meal with a slight fade. 

#2 Mild On would suit fair to medium skin tones. It is moisturizing on the lips due to the presence of camellia seed oil, argan oil and shea butter.

Though I prefer to use this lip tint for fuller lips but you can also create graduation look by just applying little tint on the inner lips and spreading it across the lips.


  • Beautiful packaging. 
  • Doe foot applicator applies the lip color easily.
  • The color perfectly suits my yellow toned fair skin tone.
  • Velvety matte finish that does not feel dry on the lips. 
  • Does not settle into fine lines of the lips.
  • Lasts quite long.
  • Feels as if you have applied nothing on your lips.


  • Transfers onto cups and spoons but it doesn’t really bother me.
  • May smudge if you wear cotton masks. I wear N95 masks and it stays away from my lips. I hope you understood my concept.
  • Availability.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall W.Lab Selfie Velvet Lip Tint has become my favorite lip color. It is pigmented, the color looks beautiful and the staging power is pretty good. It has checked factors that I look for in a lip color especially the liquid ones. If it was easily available, I would have bought more shades. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

My Tips:

  1. Make sure your lips are hydrated. If your lips are dry, do use the lip balms and drink loads of water.

Have you heard about W.Lab brand? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & loads of 💓!


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