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Anaaya’s Monthly Favorites July 2021 l Best Toys & Books for 2-4 years old

My kid’s monthly favorites post got really a good response in the month of June. I was being reminded by my silent reader Shruthi to do it every month. Although we don’t buy a lot of toys for Anaaya as the kid gets bored after playing with them for some days. We give her toys and books in rotation and this really helps us to get her engaged and maintains interests in them. If you have not checked my previous post that includes the toys and books that Anaaya still loves then I am leaving a link here. Let’s start and check what all things were hit for Anaaya in the month of July.


Connector Pens BUY ONLINE 

Anaaya got these connector pens from Faber Castell as a gift from her cousins. She has been loving them since she got them. There’s not a single day she has not played with them. She makes so many things out of the lids of the pens like telescope, flag, tower, bridge etc. she also loves doodling with them though I don’t give her sketch pens a lot as it may spoil her handwriting. These pens can be connected with ease and they keep Anaaya busy for a lot. She usually plays with them when her dad is around. Kids got to learn a lot from their fathers. These are definitely the Best Buy if your kids have started exploring colours. They also act as kind of blocks. I will repurchase them again and again.

Magnetic Puzzle Board BUY ONLINE 

This was also a gift to Anaaya from my brother. It’s actually a small magnetic board with magnetic white board on one side and black board on the other. There are sheets of magnetic pieces available that you can use to create various themes. There are animals, flowers, sun, birds and lot more. The magnetic pieces are of very good quality and Anaaya loves making various things out it. You can even make the board stand on the wooden box for ease of writing or just playing with magnetic pieces. This games enhances the creativity and fine motor skills of the kids. It also comes with a marker, chalks and a duster.

Jenga Blocks BUY ONLINE

These jenga blocks were also a gift from Anaaya’s cousins. Though she does not play with them everyday but every time she plays with them, she keeps herself engaged for almost an hour. I love how skillfully she takes out a block from the tower. Apart from this, she also loves making different things like bridge, garage, chair, room and whatever her creative mind tells her. The one I have is wooden and plain but now I am planning to get her coloured ones as they look more attractive and they can do so many things with these blocks. 

Alphabets and Numbers Puzzle Mats BUY ONLINE 

Anaaya got these as a gift from our friends. They are highly engaging and kids love them for sure. Initially when Anaaya was 2 years old, she used to arrange them in alphabetical  or numerical order but now she makes zoo for animals, stool for herself to take something from table or platform, as a speed breaker when she rides her tricycle and the list is endless. Though the quality of the mats that I have is not very good but I haven’t seen any wear and tear since the last 3 years. Each mat can be interlocked with the other mat with ease and the alphabets and numbers can be fixed and removed too.

Wooden Alphabets Magnets BUY ONLINE 

I bought these wooden alphabets magnets last year from a Facebook seller and they are still Anaayas favorite. During pandemic, when I used to do cooking, she kept herself busy in dancing and playing with these magnets on fridge. These alphabets also makes the kids learn alphabets easily and help them learn reading three letter words. The magnets have a good hold on fridge and are of decent quality.

Color Track BUY ONLINE

This is Anaayas favorite game and I highly recommend everyone to buy it for their kids. This game has tiles with different colours and patterns and the child has to stack the pattern to make the pattern shown in the book. The book has around 60 challenges and 5e kids keep themselves involved for a long time. I love how fast Anaaya does all the patterns without taking my help. These kind of games improves logical thinking skill and iq building. I bought from a Facebook seller and got really good quality.

Drawing Books Set BUY ONLINE 

This set was again a gift from Anaayas cousin and she loved it to the core. It comes with 3 parts and each part has 2 books. The images are big and coloring and helps kids understand the concept of neat colouring. It also has many different objects that increases the vocabulary of the kids. The books are of good quality and Anaaya spends doing 1-2 picture colouring everyday when I had to work.

Animal Figurines BUY ONLINE

These animal figurines are all kids favorite. They can use the animals in many pretend and play games. I bought few sets online and few as a gift from my brother. So yes Anaaya has many animals. It also helps me in teaching her animals that she is least interested in. 

What are your kids favorite toys or games or books or anything? Don’t forget to share them in the comments section below!

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  1. She is look cute. magnect puzzle is a new thing I guess. It was not there when my son was a pre schooler

    1. Thanks!
      Yes i have also seen it for the first time!


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