Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Easy Neon Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

After a very long time I did nail art. When Anaaya was sleeping, I simply grabbed few nail polishes and dotting tools and here is my simple and easy neon dots nail art. If you are a mommy or love to have presentable nails with a twist then you must try it out.

nail art tutorial
Neon Dots Nail Art

Neon is in for the last few seasons and I must say they instantly add color to any boring thing. Neon nails are bright, fun and add a pop of color and is perfect for any season. 

Things required
1. White nail polish. Here I have used my favorite Faces Splash White O White Nail Polish
2. Black Nail Polish. I have used Born Pretty Black Nail Polish. It is just awesome. It gives true color in just single coat.
3. Neon Orange Nail Polish. I have used Faces Matte Nail Polish in Fire Stick
4. Bright Yellow Nail Polish. I have used Street Wear Nail Polish in Vivid Yellow (it has been discontinued!).

nail art tutorial step by step
Just 2 simple steps

How to do neon dots nail art
1. Apply base polish since we are using black Nail Polish.
2. Apply white and black Nail polishes on alternative nails.
3. Using a dotting tool of size #4 puts white and yellow dots as shown in the picture 
4. Apply top coat (here I have used Born Pretty No Smudge Top Coat) and you are ready to go.

easy polka dot nail art
Aren't they looking beautiful?
polka dots nail art
Neon Dots Nail Art
simple nail art tutorial
Neon Dots Nail Art

Isn't it super simple? What are you waiting for? Grab your tools and show me how you did it or recreated it!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


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