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Forever Flawless Brilliance Luxurious Body Scrub Review

To keep your skin smooth and healthy, you must always use body scrubs on your body skin once in a week. We tend to take care of our face a lot but always ignore our body skin. If your body skin is feeling dry, flakey and dull then you must start using body scrubs! Recently I tried Forever Flawless Brilliance Luxurious Body Scrub that I have been using since 2 weeks. Here is my review on it.

Forever Flawless Body Scrub Review
Forever Flawless Brilliance Luxurious Body Scrub
Price- $79/ Rs 5000 approx BUY ONLINE

Forever Flawless Brilliance Luxurious Body Scrub comes in an elegant black jar packaging with a golden screw top lid. There is an inner black lid that prevents the scrub from drying out. The packaging is huge and not travel friendly. I got the product in perfect condition with no damage and I was not imposed with custom charges. There is also a spatula that you can use to take out and apply the eye cream on your eyes!

Forever Flawless Body Scrub
This is how it looks!
Forever Flawless Brilliance Body Scrub Review
Description and ingredients
Forever Flawless Luxurious Body Scrub Review
A closer look
Forever Flawless Body Scrub Review
It is very mild and feels soft on the skin

The scent of the body scrub is delicious and reminds me of vanilla. The texture of the body scrub is grainy just like tiny salt grains. You just need to pour a small amount of scrub onto your hands and apply it in gentle circular motions onto your damp skin. It feels really gentle and does not feel scratchy at all. I love the way it removes dead skin and polishes it. It does not tend to melt right away and gives you time to scrub away dead skin cells. It leaves my skin super duper soft, smooth, glowing and wonderfully polished. My skin has never felt this smooth and healthy before. It contains raw sugar, premium sea salt, extra fine diamond powder and rare essential oils that keeps skin super moisturized and bright and I do not feel the need to moisturize my skin though I do it anyway. Though I loved the effect but it is greasy and leave sticky feeling behind. This is the only reason I passed it to my mom and thankfully she loved it!

1. Luxurious packaging.
2. Wonderful and refreshing scent.
3. Makes skin super soft and smooth.
4. Great for dry skin.
5. Makes skin radiant.
6. A Luxurious treat it the skin.
7. Forever Flawless ships worldwide.

1. Pricey but then it is a luxurious skincare line.
2. Leaves sticky residue behind.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I loved Forever Flawless Brilliance Luxurious Body Scrub as it made my skin super soft and smooth. It also gives a beautiful glow to my skin but since it leaves sticky residue behind and I wear jeans and pajamas most of the time, it didn't give me a comfortable feeling so I gave it my mom.

My Tips-
1. Wash your skin after using this scrub with a mild body wash or baby soap.
2. Use it once a week for healthy skin.
3. Take out the scrub using a spatula.
4. If it's summer season, wash your skin with a body wash and then use body scrub.
5. Massage the body scrub gently.
6. Use it on damp skin.

What is your favorite body scrub? Share in the comments section below!

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