Saturday, December 8, 2018

AM Greens 100% Natural Intensive Hair Mask Review

I got introduced by AM Greens by my dear blogger friend Anjali and I am so thankful to her! I usually avoid applying market based hair masks as they are full of chemicals and might damage hair! So when I got to know that AM Greens Hair Mask is 100% natural, I had to try it!

Price- Rs 460 for 100g BUY ONLINE

The hair mask comes in a clear tub packaging with a golden screw top lid! I think the brand has changed its packaging from tub to pouch! I feel tub is better as there is not problem of storing!

The hair mask just like any other hair oil but a bit thick. I apply it a day before I had to wash my hair (at bedtime!) and I must say it feels so cooling and calming whilst application. You just need to apply it on roots and hair and it is not very thick or sticky! I then wash my hair the next day with shampoo and conditioner and wow the results are awesome. My hair feels voluminous, silky and are less prone to breakage! It contains 100% organic moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, bitter almond oil, aloe vera and plant milk that gives smooth and healthy looking hair!

- Affordable!
- Smells so good!
- Reduces hair fall!
- Helps in smoothening dry ends!
- Gives volume to the hair! I have thin hair and it does make a difference!
- Lightweight and non sticky!
- 100% natural!

Tub packaging. You have to use a spatula for hygiene purpose!

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally in love with AM Greens Intensive Hair Mask. It is the best hair mask I have tried till date! It not only makes hair smooth but also gives volume to hair! It is an awesome solution to if you are suffering hair fall or dry hair!

What is your favorite hair mask?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Sounds very good... I also feel the same if it in tube it will be very user and travel friendly. Otherwise it looks great to try...

    1. Yeah rads but i feel most of the hair masks come in tubs!

  2. So good to read your results on the positive side... My hair are extremely thin, will it be beneficial for my hair??

    1. you should definitely try kanika! It instantly gives volume to hair! i too have thin hair!

  3. Wow, the best hair mask you have tred so far... maybe I'll manage to get it since it is a product that could be found in stores. I like very much the fact that is lightweight because a big problem I had with masks was the fact that they leave the hair weighed and get greasy soon after.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. it is an indian brand flo. you wont be able to find in italy! do let me know. i ll send you one :) it does not weigh down hair at all!

  4. 100% natural hai ye iska plus point hai ,
    Waise maine notice kiya hai sabhi acche hair mask aisi hi packing me aatey hain 😃😃

  5. Great to know the good hair is dry post pregnancy..I want to give this a try ..

  6. I'm daily hair mask user as I believe that since we aee using so much of chemicals we must use it wisely

    1. wow sneha you do have beautiful hair. how do you manage to wash hair everyday?

  7. best so far, that makes it worth a try... :)

  8. Mam available only 100 gmsah? I want 500 ml how to get mam


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