Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Pearl Nail Polish Review

If you would search "Chameleon" on my blog, you would see lots of posts related to it! I had tried so many Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish and I confidently say they are the best! Today I am going to review their new nail polish- Born Pretty Store Chameleon Pearl Nail Polish.

Price- USD $3.99/ Rs 280 approx (currently on discount) BUY ONLINE

You can use the coupon code MEGW10 to get 10% off on your order!

The packaging is same as that of other Born Pretty Chameleon nail polishes! It is top coat nail polish that has be to be applied over a base polish! This nail polish has to be applied over any nail polish of your choice and I prefer using it over black, maroon, pink, red and green nail polish! Here in the post, I have used black nail polish! It looks mesmerizing over both light and dark nail polishes!

After the base polish dries completely, apply a coat of Born Pretty Store Chameleon Pearl Nail Polish and let it dry! You will not need a separate top coat as it acts as a top coat! I love how beautifully it shines when light reflects on it! It is perfect for any occasion or festivals! If you are looking for a glamorous nail polish this new year then you got to try it out! It instantly stands out and makes your nails look pretty and unique! I got so many compliments when I wore it!

- If you love trying new effect nail polishes then this is for you!
- Perfect for wedding season! Brides can use it over red or white base color!
- Gives effect in a single coat! 
- Lasts long!
- Would look good on all skin tones and all nail shapes!
- Born Pretty Store provides worldwide shipping!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am totally in love with Born Pretty Store Chameleon Pearl Nail Polish. I had already ordered it to gift it to my friends and sister in law! It's perfect for anyone who love prettifying their nails!

Have you tried Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. OMG such a beautiful shade...I am in love with this shade now...beautiful NOTDs Megs...

  2. Beautiful shade and you have great nails dear

  3. BPS never fails to impress their customers... I have not been buying anything from the site but i guess i need to prepare a list now coz this nail polish is looking super gorgeous

    1. even i am planning to order new stuffs during their christmas sale!

  4. OMG this shade looks amazing!! sooooo gonna buy

  5. wow that looks really amazing...born pretty do make amazing nail stuff..


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