Thursday, December 6, 2018

Biobloom Orange Lip Balm Review

I got Biobloom Lip Balm in my Euphorbia Box and I got requests from few readers to review it in detail! Thank you so much guys for trusting my reviews! I have been using it for more than a month and here are my opinions on this lip balm!

Price- Rs 115 for 8g BUY ONLINE

I got the variant orange which I absolutely love. It smells good whilst application. The packaging is pretty simple. It comes in a small clear pot with a black screw top lid! There is also an inner lid that protects the lip balm from getting dry!

The fragrance of the lip balm is not very good. It is mild and pleasant! When I first used this lip balm, I found the texture a bit hard! I need to swipe my fingers 2-3 times to get good amount! Though it applies well on the lips but I still feel it is not very hydrating for the dry lips! It has hardened consistency like a frozen coconut oil! I wish it was soft and easy to apply! I do not have dry lips and it worked well for me but still after few hours I need reapplication! I have the habit of reapplying lip balm so it is not an issue for me!

This lip balm is superb when you have to apply lipstick in hurry! It gets absorbed really fast keeping your lips smooth and hydrated!

- I like the simplicity of the packaging!
- Smooth texture. Does not feel like wax!
- Helps moisturize lips!
- Light and non sticky!
- Smells amazing!
- Free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals!
- Made of 100% natural beeswax!

- The texture is hard!
- Might not work on very dry lips!
- No SPF if you are out under the sun a lot!

Overall Thoughts:
I find Biobloom Orange Lip Balm just an average lip balm! It is good for people who don't have dry lips and are looking for light, non sticky lip balm! It is free from parabens that is highly appreciable!

Have you tried Biobloom Lip Balm?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Sabse accha lip balm Palmer's ka hota hai, uske samne main aur bitiya koi aur use hi nahi karty, aap bhi try kariye 😊

    1. Ha aunty maine bhi kiya hai! Their cocoa butter one is really superb!

  2. Lip balm should be soft in texture and hydrate the lips well... Seems they need to improve their formula...

    1. i agree i am not very impressed with this lip balm!

  3. Lip balm must be hydrating and pleasant. Looks like lot of improvement is needed in the formula

    1. i so agree. i want my lip balm to be soft and hydrating!

  4. I'm a lip balm lover... I own so many of them...but this one looks super awesome which I'm going to try soon

    1. its not so awesome kanika but if you liked it do try!

  5. Good to know that this one is not sticky

    1. its really good if you dont like sticky and heavy lip balms!


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