Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sphynx Travel Portable Razor Review

Today I am going to review a very innovative product that I have been loving a lot. Being a busy mom, there are many times when I forget to shave my hands or legs and I feel sleeveless dresses the most comfortable. After the birth of my child, there are many times that I forgot to shave my hands and this tool- Sphynx Travel Portable Razor has come to my rescue loads of time. I usually do shaving within few minutes at airport and I am good to go. 

Price- $15/Rs 1000 approx BUY ONLINE or BUY ONLINE

Sphynx Portable Razor comes in a plastic zip lock case with all the information written over it. The razor comes in 4 colors and I got the teal color which is very pretty and attractive. It is actually 3 in 1 portable razor that comes with spray, pre shave bar and razor. You just need to spray, lather and shave. It is perfect for missed spots or touch ups.

I used it on my legs, hands and underarms and I loved how neatly it shaved them. The razor has single blade and is very easy to clean.

You just need to rotate the tool and open the lid. There are clear symbols marked on the device. I am happy that it has 2 razor compartments so you have a backup in case you need to shave more. You just need to take out the water spray bottle and fill it with water. The bottle is very tiny but it does its job really well. The pre shave bar lathers well and smells amazing. It instantly makes skin soft. 

The razor blades cleans hair effectively and my skin does not feel itchy or dry. I recommended to my friend who goes to yoga classes and she instantly ordered it.

Make sure you wipe the razor post usage. 

- Cute and portable.
- 3 in 1. You get a spray bottle, pre shave bar and 2 razors.
- The bar smells amazing and does not melt.
- Perfect tool for touch ups on the go.
- Pretty colors to choose from.
- Single blade leads to less clogging and is very easy to clean.
- Ships worldwide.

- Need to wipe the shaved area as you can see small and stray hair.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Sphynx Portable Razor is a very thoughtful tool and I would love to gift it to my friends. It is very useful and great for touch ups on the go. You can use it on your gym, yoga classes, car, airport and anywhere. It comes with all the things you need to shave your unwanted hair. Highly recommended!!!

Have you heard about portable razor?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. Badiya product hai 👍👍
    Ye bataiye ki ek blade hum kitni baar use kar saktey hauh ? Aur iska blade detachable hai? Easily available hai n kya battery operated hai ?

    1. Aunty mai to 4 times abhi use kar chuki hu and still blade achi hai! ha blade new se replace kar sakte hai! unki website par hi avaialble hai and nahi no battery required!

  2. The idea definitely looks very interesting. In fact I've seen a video by Buzzfeed on a similar portable razor. It sounds good for travel use.

    1. Yes even i saw it on buzzfeed! Its a very useful and thoughtful product!


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