Monday, August 13, 2018

Banjara's Premium Rose Water Review

I never stick to one brand for rose water. This time while strolling in a supermarket, I came across Banjara's Premium Rose Water. I love Banjara's products so I dropped it in my cart without a second thought. 

Price- Rs 45 for 120ml BUY ONLINE

The rose water comes in a simple clear plastic bottle with a maroon screw top lid. There is also an inner lid with a hole that prevents sudden spillage. Though the fragrance of the rose water is fresh and nice but I feel there is an artificial fragrance added to it may be it's a scent of rose oil. 

I have acne prone skin and I am happy this rose water does not break out my skin. I particularly use rose water in my face packs and I love how cool and fresh it feels on my skin. I mix it every powder face pack I use. It can also be used as cleanser and toner. I also sometimes use it on my eyes when they feel dull and tired. Rose water has many uses and I am absolutely in love with this rose water from Banjara's.

- Refreshing fragrance.
- No strong scent.
- Makes skin look fresh and moisturized.
- Does not have small particles like Patanjali Rose Water.
- Does not break out the skin.
- Budget friendly if you use rose water a lot like ME!
- Cooling.

- It's not pure but it does not harm the skin so I literally do not mind

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am happy with Banjara's Premium Rose Water. It makes skin look fresh and moisturized and can be used in multiple ways. I would happily recommend it to everyone.

Have you tried 100% pure natural rose water except Kama Ayurveda? Do let me know. I would love to try.

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. I've tried this and this definitely isn't pure rose water. Glad to hear it worked well for you - on me it didn't have any effect.

    1. oh is it? i use it only in my face packs and it gives a nice feeling to my skin!

  2. Rose water to skin k liye accha hota hi hai, multiple use bhi hai 👍👍
    Price n brand dono accha hai

  3. good rose water. everyone try it at least once.

  4. i used to use this long back, mainly for mixing in facepack... worked well... loved the review..

    1. Same here. i too use it in my face packs!

      Thank you sweets!


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