Monday, August 20, 2018

Himalaya Baby Powder Review

I have been using baby powder on my baby since day 1! Many people say one must not use baby powders as it may cause respiratory problems but according to me if you use it correctly, you would not face any problem. I used Mamaearth Dusting Powder for the first 3 months as it is talc free and after that I started using Himalaya Baby Powder. Here is my review on Himalaya baby Powder and few tricks on how to use baby powder on your babies!

Price- R 176 for 400g BUY ONLINE

Himalaya Baby Powder comes in patented white and green bottle with a green twist to open lid! The lid has holes that dispenses the right amount of powder! The powder smells really refreshing and baby like! I literally love smelling my baby post her bath! It is very fine and feels soft on the skin! I apply powder using a powder puff! make sure you sprinkle very small amount of powder in the powder puff container and lightly tap the puff onto the powder! I then slightly tap the puff on the edge of the container and apply it on my baby! This way I do not apply loads of powder and none of the talc enters or flows on my baby's face! 

I apply powder only on the back, neck and underarms of my baby but the skin should be completely dry! Please do not use it on your baby's face! There are many people who also use baby powder on the nappy area and found good results but I have never tried it!

Himalaya Baby Powder contains natural zinc, olive oil and almond oil! 

- Very refreshing scent!
- Feels soft on the skin.
- Contains olive oil and almond oil! Does not make skin dry!
- Natural zinc oxide prevents rashes on the body of the baby's skin!
- Keeps baby fresh and dry all day!
- Easy to use packaging.
- Reasonably priced!
- Free from parabens and synthetic colors!

- Contains talc!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am happy with Himalaya Baby Powder. it keeps my baby's skin fresh and dry all day! It does not cause rashes and is very easy to apply! I would suggest you to use it after 3 months of your baby's birth!

Do you use baby powder on your baby?

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  1. Mere bacche jab chotey thy tab Johnson brand hi tha to wahi use kiya per powder hamesha Abzorb hi use kiya kyunki bitiya ko ek baar infection hua to doctor ne recommend kiya tha, itna effective laga ki aaj bhi ghar me abzorb powder hamesha rehta hai 😊
    Himalaya ka to aisa hai ki naam hi kaafi hai 😊👍👍

    1. Meri mom ne bhi mujh par johnsons hi use kiya tha :)

      Mai Abzorb try karugi! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I tried this one as well but I love jhonson's baby to the core :) i use that for myself :D


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