Monday, August 28, 2017

Sugar Cosmetics Tic Tac Toe Nail Polish in Purple in Paradise Review

Happy Monday MBT friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend! 

Today I am going to review a beautiful nail polish that I have been wearing a lot these days! It's Sugar Cosmetics Tic Tac Toe Nail Polish in Purple in Paradise. I am not sure of the other shades but Purple in Paradise is superb in all aspects! 

It costs Rs 249 for 10ml! BUY ONLINE

sugar nail paint swatches
Sugar Cosmetics Tic Tac Toe Nail Polish in Purple in Paradise Review
Purple in Paradise is a super gorgeous deep purple wine color with maroon shimmers. The shimmers are very fine and hardly visible! The brush is quite wide and apply the nail polish neatly and easily. The nail polish applies easily without any streak and looks like a metallic nail polish initially. After a few seconds, it magically dries off to a matte finish!

The nail polish requires 2 coats to get the proper coverage! It dries off in a jizz and yay you are ready to go! The color is really unique and makes my hands look fair and attractive!

The nail polish stays put on my nails for a good 3-4 days without chipping! You can increase its longevity by applying a matte top coat!

- Rich pigmentation and coverage!
- Nice matte finish bottle.
- Wide brush for neat application.
- Matte finish.
- Good staying power.
- Good price for the quantity!
- Free from toxic chemcals thus is safe for pregnant women!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very happy with Sugar Cosmetics Tic Tac Toe Nail Polish in Purple in Paradise. It has a matte finish and looks awesome on nails! The color looks great with all outfits! If you are a fan of matte finish nail polishes then I would highly recommend to you to try this range!

My Tips:
- Apply a base coat to avoid stain  as it is a dark nail polish!

Do you like dark nail polishes?

Stay pretty!


  1. Such a pretty shade, infact its looking good on your hands...

  2. Ohh that's a really beautiful shade. It looks super pretty.

  3. Waaw,.. beautiful nail polish shade,... Looks awesome on your nails,..

  4. Such a lovely color, even if I don't wear matt colors on my nails, this one is a very good good reason to start doing so.
    Wish you a beautiful evening.

    1. even i am not fond of matte shades but this won my heart!


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