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Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Aloe Tulsi Cream Review

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I have the weirdest kind of skin. The day I take less water, an acne or a pimple pops out the next day. Water is very necessary to keep my skin clean and clear. I have reviewed few products from Herbs & More and was quite impressed by the results delivered by them. My favorite among all is Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Mist! I use it in the morning and it keeps my skin so fresh and bright. I would highly recommend it to everyone who loves the glowy and healthy skin! Today I am going to review Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Aloe Tulsi Cream*. I have been using it for the last 2 weeks to treat acne on my chin. It is priced at Rs 95 and you can BUY ONLINE 

best cream for pimples
Comes in a squeezable tube!
best aloe vera cream
Description of Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Aloe Tulsi Cream
creams for pimple marks india
Flip top lid!
herbs and more products review

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Aloe Tulsi Cream comes in a regular and plain squeezable plastic tube with a dark green flip top lid. All the information is printed at the back. What I loved about this brand is everything comes sealed so you are sure that you get the brand new product. 

The cream is white in color with somewhat artificial scent. It is a bit strong that I am honestly not fond off but it fades off pretty quickly. It has creamy formula that gets absorbed quickly without feeling heavy or oily on your skin. I love using it as spot treatment. I simply apply and massage it lightly over acne and leave it overnight. I would not say it shows results the very next day but it helps in soothing and reducing redness to a great extent. With regular usage, it does help in treating acne and pimples. I have oily, combination skin and using this cream during daytime causes my skin to become oilier so I avoid using it during daytime. 

- Easy to use packaging.
- Creamy formula that gets absorbed quickly.
- Soothes and combats acne and pimples.
- Reduces redness!
- Reasonably priced.
- Suits all skin types.
- Safe for acne prone skin. It does not contain comedogenic ingredients.

- Slightly strong and artificial scent.

Overall Thoughts:
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Aloe Tulsi Cream is a good anti acne cream if you are suffering from mild acne and pimples. It soothes and combats pimples and acne. It reduces redness and size of the acne. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who suffers from acne or pimples!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Apply it with Q tip for hygienic purpose!
- If you have oily skin, apply it during bedtime.
- If you apply it during daytime, do not forget to top it with a compact powder.

What is your to-go-to way of combating acne and pimples?

Stay pretty!


  1. Even if I don't have acne, it seems a very good product! Thank you Megha :)

  2. My pimples pop up before getting my per**ds. I use Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask and now only a small pimple pops up and vanishes. Nice review, I would also like to try this :)

    1. Same here. I get acne before my periods. I will try Auravedic face mask! Do try this cream if you want to combat pimples :)

  3. Products with strong fragrance is a no for me.

    1. Same here but with this product fragrance fades after few minutes!

  4. Nowadays most of the youngsters are facing the problem on pimples. The exact solution is take some vitamins hope this cream definitely using in removing the pimples.

  5. I want to purchase this product. But this is not available in my city. So plz anyone suggest me how I can buy it online


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