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Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack Review

black eye shadow
Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack
I have never been a fan of creamy eye shadow crayons as I have slightly oily lids and they tend to crease badly. Despite the fact that this eye crayon will crease on my lids, I chose it in the makeup option given by Fab Bag! These days I love doing smokey looks and Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack was like a cherry on the cake! It costs Rs 1200 which I feel is quite pricey! You can buy online on Fab Bag website!

Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon
The packaging looks really nice and glam!
eye shadow crayon
Ingredients list!
eye crayon
Black Jack
black eye shadow crayon
The tip is round and smooth!
Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack swatches
Swatches of Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack
Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon comes housed in a smooth cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The eye crayon is a retractable eye stick which I loved a lot as there is no wastage of product during sharpening. The eye crayon is basically used as eye shadow or eye shadow base due to its round tip. It has creamy formula that applies evenly but I was very disappointed by its pigmentation. Even after swiping it multiple times the color does not show up. The staying power is pretty bad too. It is quite creamy and does not stay on my slightly oily lids for more than 2 hours. It creases badly and looks uneven on my eye lids. I had high expectation from this eye crayon and the pigmentation and staying power get a thumbs down from me. I found a way to make it work for me and you can read my trick in the "My Tips" below! For your information I always loved doing soft smokey looks as opposed to bold ones!

- Retractable packaging. No sharpening needed!
- Creamy formula and easy to blend!
- Black Jack is a soft creamy black color that works as base for eye shadow!
- No shimmers or glitters.
- Easy to use.
- Might work for people with dry skin or eyelids.
- Various shades to choose from!

- Poor pigmentation.
- Poor staying power.
- Creases badly.
- Price.

Overall Thoughts:
Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon in Black Jack is something that I would recommend to anyone. It is quite pricey and has poor pigmentation. It creases badly on oily lids and looks uneven. I am not sure of the other shades but I would not purchase other shades from this line after using Black Jack and would not recommend it to anyone!

Rating: 2.5/5

My Tips:
- Make sure you make your eye lids dry by applying compact powder or loose powder. That way it will absorb all excess oil from the lids.
- If possible use an eye shadow primer underneath it!
- Apply the eye shadow crayon with a brush. I use concealer brush and it applies thinly and evenly. 
- Use a black eye shadow over it for pigmentation and longevity. It gives a soft smokey look to the eyes. It works great as an eye shadow base if you follow all the tips above!

How do you make eye shadow crayons work?

Stay pretty!


  1. This product turned out to be such a bummer.. Thanks fr the review

  2. Zomg! 1200 for an eye crayon :o and the pigmentation is not good too :/ Lovely review dear!

    1. Yes Bushu such a disappointment!!! though the color looks very pretty and soft on eyes but it creases if you apply too much or on oily lids!


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