Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Shampoo Review

A herbal shampoo to make hair voluminous and manageable!

If you have been reading my blog, you would know I had reviewed few of the products from the brand "Herbs & More". These are the items I have reviewed on the blog:

I do not change my hair care products often but whenever I face hair fall I make sure to change my shampoo and conditioner first, Believe me guys, there are times when hair fall gives you indication to change your shampoo! I have fine hair and volume shampoos always come in my preference. Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Shampoo* is sulphate free shampoo that intrigued me to try it. It is priced at Rs 375 and you can BUY ONLINE on Herbs & More.

Details about the shampoo
The lid is not at all practical!
Swatch of shampoo

The packaging of the shampoo is not at all practical. It is press to open lid which is not at all convenient to carry whilst traveling. I carried it to my hometown and it was spilled in my travel pouch which totally disappointed me. The scent is mild and pleasant and fades away as soon as you rinse off the shampoo. I always make sure to dilute my shampoo with water to avoid any damage to my hair. It lathers richly and spreads easily across my scalp and hair. It is quite mild shampoo and I have to wash my hair twice if I oil my hair. After rinsing, my hair feels soft, voluminous and manageable. I would not say it makes my hair tangle free but I feel it happens with all shampoos. I follow it up with Garnier Fructis Strengthening Conditioner! I have oily scalp and my hair stays good for a good 2-3 days. 

- Gel and runny formula.
- Smells wonderful.
- Lather richly.
- No sulphate and parabens.
- Hair feels voluminous and manageable after every wash.
- Contains silk protein that repairs damaged hair.
- Does not weigh down hair.
- Does not cause build up or dandruff.

- Price.
- You need to use conditioner if you have dry ends like mine!
- Only available online.
- Impractical packaging.

Overall Thoughts:
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Shampoo is a great sulphate and paraben free shampoo that gives volume to hair and makes them manageable. It smells amazing and i loved how mild the shampoo is to the hair. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- If you oil your hair pre wash, make sure to wash your hair twice with this shampoo!
- Follow it up with a good conditioner.
- Cover the lid with a plastic bag if you are carrying it with you whilst traveling.
- Dilute the shampoo to reduce the effects of chemicals present in the shampoo.

Do you use sulphate free shampoos? Which brand did you like the most?

Stay pretty!


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