Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fab Bag August 2016 Unboxing

You get to choose a makeup product in August 2016 Fab Bag!!!!

Hello my dearest MBT friends! Hope you had missed me #lol. I went to my hometown for 2 weeks and literally did not get a minute to connect to my blog. Though I replied to many of you via email but I could not keep track on comments and messages. I will definitely reply them soon. I really love you all. I got my Fab Bag* in the first week of the month but got the wrong product. The Fab Bag team was kind enough to replace the product. The product arrived pretty quick but due to time constraint I was not able to update the blog. Now I am back to Hyderabad and here i am showing you the items I got in my August Fab Bag. It is priced at Rs 1599 for 3 months subscription and you can BUY ONLINE on Fab Bag.

The bag did not look exciting to me!
Truth be told, I was not pretty excited after looking at the bag. Though it is pink with polka dots but it was not up to the mark and I find it average than other Fab Bags I got previously!

The items I got in my bag are:
Geri G Innocent Foundation Rs 2500
The Fab Bag sent me an email to choose a makeup product of my choice and being a huge foundation lover, I selected Geri G Innocent Foundation without a second thought. Upon opening the Fab bag, I found cheek and eye duo with a card addressing "Dear Poonam". I think my bag got exchanged with my dear blogger friend! The Fab Bag team instantly arranged the reverse pickup and I got the foundation within 2 days. 

I loved the shade and the formula. Though I have not used it yet but I will make sure to review it in detail!

Geri G Innocent Foundation

Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Mask
It is a sample size product but comes with good quantity. I have always loved skincare products that contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C instantly gives a boost to your skin. As I have acne prone skin, I checked for the ingredients and was pretty happy to find that none of their ingredients are comedogenic. I am definitely looking forward to try it out after finishing my Khadi Sandalwood Face Pack!

This face mask contains Vitamin C!

Just Herbs Kumuda Sacred Lotus rejuvenating Body Wash
I find this body wash perfect for traveling and have saved it for my future trip. It is of good size with great packaging. The scent is divine and I am sure it is going to be my favorite body wash!

It has divine smell!

Kronokare Anti Turm (Oil) RepairingHair Oil
I was not happy with the size of the bottle but after carrying it with me to my home I realized how travel friendly it is. I usually fear carrying hair oils with me and I was pretty happy that it did not spilled a bit in my bag. The hair oil is slightly thick but made my hair soft and smooth. It contains coconut oil, vitamin E and other essential oils that make hair strong and smooth!

100% natural!

Livon Serum
I absolutely loved Livon Serum. I got a bottle of serum in February 2015 Fab Bag and I regret not carrying these sachets with me to my hometown. My hair got dry and frizzy due to changes in water. Though I was not happy with the sachets but these are really handy when you are traveling.
Comes with 3 sachets!

The theme of the bag was "What the Chic". I mean what does it mean?

- Geri G Innocent Foundation is the spotlight of this bag.
- All the samples are of good size and handy for traveling.
- You get to choose your own makeup product.

- I wish there were 2 full sized products!
- I did not find the bag pretty attractive!

Overall Thoughts:
As I always say beauty bags are a good bet if you love trying new products. The best thing I loved about Fab Bag is they are giving you options to choose the products. What more would you ask for? 

Rating: 4/5

What did you get in your August Fab bag?

Stay pretty!


  1. Hi...great post...I chose the cheek/eye duo from Geri G.....This was my first fab bag..I really love the concept of these subscription boxes..Getting surprise products each month... :D

    1. I was mistakenly sent eye/cheek duo and i think its great too!

    2. The foundations were over by the time I ordered...So had to choose the cheek/eye duo...But it's good too..Gives a very nice matte finish...Do review the foundation please...Would love to know if it's good.. :D

    3. Ohh thats too bad. They should have sufficient stock! I will surely review the foundation soon :)

  2. I love Fab Bag and this bag is good one. I have ordered late so still waiting for my bag :(

    1. Would love to know what all things you will get!

  3. Nice bag.. I also chose geri g Foundation and I am quite liking it.I didn't get the face masque which I badly wanted.anyways this time it's a decent bag.

  4. I opted for geri g mascara, that was good too.

  5. I kinda liked the bag since mine had white polka which look much better than this one..The theme also sounds weird to me... :p :)


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