Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Make your child learn through Colgate Magical Sea World!

My nephew Anay who is 6 years old loves reading picture books and stories but as it is an era of mobile phones (rather smart phones) he spends most of the time on various games and learning apps of smartphones which is bad for their eyes. Colgate has always been my favorite. I used to brush my teeth using their cartoon toothbrush and now when I am 28 I still use their toothbrushes but now the sensitive variant. Colgate launched something new for the kids! With every purchase of Colgate AntiCavity Toothpaste you will get a free Magical Sea World inside. 

Colgate Magical Sea World is based on 4 themes: Coral Reef, Pirate Ship, Sea Magic and Treasure Hunt. The sea world pictures made me nostalgic about my childhood when I used to collect pictures from magazines and calendars and play with them the entire day. When my nephew saw the pictures inside the box, he was so curious to learn something new. You just need to cut the box to get the pictures. The picture cards are colorful and lovely and my nephews instantly started creating stories using those pictures. I loved how Anay and Amay played together and enjoyed creating new stories and naming the characters. Creating stories out of pictures is the best art of learning and it increases the creativity of the children. Though I have not heard every story of my nephews but this is one story that made me feel proud of my baby!

There lived a pirate named 'Nobita' (my nephew is a huge fan of doraemon) who was on a mission to find the ancestral treasure that was lost in deep sea. His grandfather was super rich and his ship drowned due to heavy storm. On his journey, he once saved a spike-y fish from a shark. With his device, he get to know about a treasure in the deep sea. He started exploring the deep sea but was shocked to see a poisonous octopus keeping a watch on the treasure box. He got disappointed as he never believed in killing animals in his work. He tried various means to get rid of the octopus but the octopus was adamant and it even tried to harm him. During that time, spike-y fish was returning to home with its friends and saw Nobita. He asked him his problem. He told her everything and cried showing him the remaining of the ship. After listening to Nobita, spike-y fish made a plan with her friends and attacked the octopus. The octopus frightened and ran away to save its life. Nobita thanked spike-y fish and took all the treasure to his ship with the help of spike-y fish and her friends. 

Making stories through pictures not only develops child's brain but also increases his creativity. If your child loves reading picture books or stories then you must buy Colgate Anti Cavity Toothpaste. I got all the four packs for my nephews. 

What do you do to make your child learn? Does he love sea world? Are you aware of Colgate Sea Magical World stories cards?

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