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Pond's Silk Cream Review

Pond's Silk Cream
Never in my life I had thought I would try Pond's cream especially in summer season. I have oily, acne prone skin and the only cream I had tried from Pond's is Pond's Age Miracle Cell Regen Day Cream which is very light and non greasy. When I got to know Pond's Silk Cream* is non greasy and super light, I thought of trying it out. It is priced at Rs 55 for 30ml and you can BUY ONLINE HERE.

Isn't the packaging cute?
Directions and ingredients
Pond's Silk Cream
This is how the cream looks!
Pond's Silk Cream is a light, luxurious, non greasy formula which instantly absorbs into the skin making it an ideal solution for your daily moisturizing needs. It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 that makes skin look hydrated and visibly radiant. It comes housed in a cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The cream comes in a small, cute plastic tub with a screw top lid. The packaging is very light and you can easily tote it around in your bag whilst traveling. 

The formula of the cream is soft and light weight. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and feels light and comfortable. I have oily skin and I feel it feels slightly heavy at the end of the day. I use a bit rich moisturizer at bed time and I love using this cream as my night cream. My skin feels soft, supple and hydrated. Though I have not noticed any brightness on my skin but it does make my skin look healthy! Most of the creams breaks me out easily especially in this hot weather but it does not caused my skin to break out. 

- Comes in various quantities. Smallest one is great for traveling.
- Gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
- Moisturizes the skin well. 
- Non greasy.
- Suits all skin types!
- Mild and pleasant scent!
- Inexpensive!
- No breakouts even if you have acne prone skin like mine!

- Tub packaging means you have to dip your fingers!
- No SPF but then I use it as night cream so no issues for me!

Overall Thoughts:
Pond's Silk Cream is surprisingly my current favorite night cream. I love how well it hydrates my skin without making it oily or greasy. It feels light on the skin yet nicely nourishes it. I have acne prone skin and most of the creams gives me horrible breakouts but this cream clears its test on my skin. I would happily recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Use spatula to take the cream out.
- If you are using it during day time, don't forget to apply a sunscreen!

Have you tried Pond's Silk Cream? Did you like it?

Stay pretty!


  1. Like this cream. It was my mom's go to when I was little It's just the thing for me when I have parched skin. <3

  2. i do stay away from ponds but then there are some releases which do make me wonder and look again :) great post, Megha

  3. The crean looks really nice. It should work nicely as a night cream.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes Subha.

      Also I am not able to comment on ur blog!!

    2. Yes Subha.

      Also I am not able to comment on ur blog!!


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