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Japan Candy Box March 2016 Unboxing & International Giveaway

It's been a long time since i hosted a giveaway here on my blog. Time flew away so fast and from now on, I will make sure to organize giveaways frequently. This time again I have come up with this yummy giveaway where one winner will win a box full of yummy Japanese candies and snacks. Let me tell you Japanese candies are super yum and look damn cute. I got Japan Candy Box of the month March and it has free shipping and no I was not charged any custom duty. If you do not know about Japan Candy box then it is a yummy candy monthly subscription box that comes with candies and snacks from Japan! This time the box was gone out of shape due to improper handling but I was relieved when I saw all my candies and snacks were safe and sound. I do care a lot about my makeup and candies. *laughs* The Japan Candy Box is priced at $19.90 per month and you will get 10 super yummy candies and snacks all the way from Japan! You can BUY ONLINE HERE.

Shall I take you to the tour of this yummy box? Let's get started!

Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks
The box contains six small packages that contain 2 candy sticks each. The flavors are cola and grapes. These are sweet and taste yummy. My nephews are fond of candies so I have already gifted to them and yes they have become fans of these candy sticks!

Fujiya Milky Peko X Sanrio Chocolates
I am a huge fan of hello kitty but since the package is so cute from outside, I thought of giving it to my nephew. Yes I have a big heart. #lol Not only it is pretty from outside, inside the box you will find 15 chocolates with moulded and embedded Sanrio characters on them. It contains half milk chocolate and half pastel pink strawberry chocolate. 

Kracia Sea Animals DIY Gummy Kit
DIY kits is such a thoughtful inclusion in the subscription box. It allows kids not only to have fun but to get creative. This definitely goes to my cute nephew! If you are looking for something creative for your kid then this is a perfect gift option.

Bourbon Petit Grilled Pizza Rice Crackers
Mr MBT is a huge fan of chinese foods epecially pizza and he gave a thumbs up to these crackers. These are delicate biscuits that taste like pizza. We loved munching it while watching movie! Believe me it's as delicious as pizza!

Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetables Snacks
I confess I am a die hard fan of potato. Each time I do not feel like eating, make me eat potato. These snacks are made from potato and few other vegetables, The best part of these snacks is they do not contain oil so if you are health conscious you can go for it! These taste yummy and my packet was empty in no time!

Meiji Mushroom Mountain Chocolate Cookies
So these are Meiji's most famous treats and have been sold in Japan for 20 years. These have cute shape of mushrooms coated with delicious chocolate. The cutest gift for kids! Now you culd guess where it will go!

Meiji Mini Grape Gummies
I am not a fan of gummies so I hope these would be loved by my nephew who is a huge fan of gummies! These come in various flavors and taste like real fruit juice!

Coris Cola & Soda Soft Candy
It is a soft candy that has 2 layers- one layer of cola and another of soda! I have not yet tasted this candy but I believe it would taste delicious with these two flavors!

Hi Chew Chewy Candy- Cola
These are my favorite among all. They are soda flavored candy and tastes really good. Did I tell you they are the best selling chewy sweets in Japan for the last 30 years!

Kasugai 100% Fruit Juice Gummies
These are soft and very juicy gummies with 100% pure fruit juice. They come in different flavors with no artificial colors or flavors!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I am totally happy with my Japan Candy Subscription Box. This time it does not contain any non veg snack. All the gummies, candies and snacks have different flavors and taste delicious. If you have a foodie friend or family member then I would highly recommend you to gift them one!

Rating: 5/5

Japan Candy Box International Giveaway
Yay! Time for yet another yummy giveaway wherein one winner will win a box of Japan Candy Box. The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL so anyone can enter. The rules are pretty simple, Enter in as many options as possible to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be selected by Japan Candy Box team and announced here on my blog. The winner will be sent an email by me and he/she has to reply within 48 hours! The prize will be sent by the brand!I would also like to thank Japan Candy box for giving such a yummy box to my readers. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!


  1. a japanese candy box!!! my, they look so cute and yummy

  2. I'd like to try these!

  3. It's so cute!)
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. I have a simple to answer.. I have no chances of going to Japan, so through your giveaway atleast I can have candies made of Japan.

  5. Waaw,.. Yummy treats,.. Perfect for my twin niece,.. They love these and me too :)

  6. I have a sweet tooth and candies are like my breathing pills!! The Japan candy box looks SO cute and yummy!! Wanna win :D

  7. Hi Megha, so sorry for not having write to you anymore. How are you? I'm fine and so happy with my work, but very busy. I'm trying to post on my blog more often. Beautiful giveaway, I love Japanese candy, so cute! Kisses

    1. Hi sis I hav been thinking of you but time flies away so fast. Have you joined your work? I am so happy for you :*

  8. para probar esos ricos caramelos

  9. I want to win because i love candies.

  10. Wow.. that will obviously be a great treat.

  11. Candy in general makes me happy, but Japanese candy makes life as heaven! Not only is it yummy (and different!), but it’s also cute :-)

  12. Hola guappa¡¡¡ Me encanta y me apunto, deseando probar todas estas cositas
    Gracias y Suerte

  13. I desire to win cause I never got one :)

  14. I want to win to give to my teen daughters. they love trying different candy and snacks from all over but most of all from japan candy box.

  15. Because I LOVE sweets!

  16. Because it is funny!! Because I love japan, my son love Japanese candies and my hubby is Japanese candies' biggest fan in the world!!


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